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She expressed… OMG

Aditi was a pretty young girl. She admitted in a reputed institute as the research scholar at an early age, while generally people enter at late age. She was new to the place, new to the learning environment. But managed to cope with it and focused to study well. But her childish mind was still her ornament. In her first semester, she had to do all the course work. She was busy with her course work. Mostly the assignments had to be submitted to the concerned subject instructor through mails. Since she had no laptop, she used to work in her department computer lab. Once she was working in the lab, a guy came and asked her whether he can use the computer that she was using. Although she was busy, she said yes, as the guy said other computers are not working, internet is not coming. So she agreed. The guy kept working. She was waiting when he will complete his work and she can again do, but the guy kept working and searching. She asked whether she can now use the computer, but the guy a