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Strange Colours of Emotions

Strange Colours of Emotions  You said the distance between you and me Is like the distance between the earth and sky But see the beautiful horizon The line where they meet You said there is hell and heaven difference Between my breathe and your life It is true as without your friendship It is like a hell in heaven It is like life without breathe
But the difference is not that big Like the life and death Like the east and west  Something unique within us Is similar between you and me Hidden and protected From the rays of outside world May be a thread of love That knots a strong bond Between our hands and hearts A silent desire A simple heart A childish mind A folded hand A noble prayer You said to go away in the day of colour But see the world outside And the world of mine My world has become colourless Among the colourful world You did not share your secrets of the day But still see even you could not stay without me

Breathless Experience


Oh suppressed smile boy

Oh suppressed smile boy
Where are you? Are you lost out of this world?
Are you lost in the world of imagination?
Are you lost in any beautiful eyes?
Are you lost in her dreams?
Are you lost in the world of love?
We cannot find you here
Then forgive her beauty
That made you lost out of the real world
Then forgive her heart
That also had fallen in love with you
Then forgive her mind
That cannot stop thinking about you
Then forgive her eyes
That dreams of you day and night
Then forgive her lips
That smile when you call her name so softly
Then forgive her ears
That waits so eagerly just to listen few words from you
Then forgive her hands
That wants to hold your hand in all walks of life
Then forgive her feet
That goes out of dwelling to have a glance of you
Then forgive her age
That commands her to steal your heart
So if you are lost in her
And she is lost in you too
Then express you truly love her
The way she love you
August 25, 2010

Abstract thoughts of the evening

The red curtain of the stage The place admired by all age The lights on the actor and actress The charm and the grace The songs they sing The bells that ring The cakes they cut The masks they got The applause of audience The nights of your absence The guitar they play The ambience they lay The laugh we made The tears we shed The green we adorn The pain which born The comedy of the script The host is lost The guest is most Photographs clicked The messages pinged The small smile given The big smile returned The nod of head The best wishes said The rhyme that touch heart The different languages art The close of eyes to feel The murmuring of lips to chill The night of friends so close The strangers  enclose The sweets for the lips The sweetness for mind dips


Oil Painting (2011) Took around 2 month to complete The single eye means in artistic term as omniscient which means one who has the capacity to know everything infinitely, or at least everything that can be known about a character including thoughts, feelings, life and the universe, etc. In monotheism, this ability is attributed to God. ( he colour blue symbolises the infinite expansion of the blue sky and the blue ocean.The painting i made seeing from