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Writing is Magic, when I write about YOU

As shown in Ink heart, storytellers can bring life to the character in real life out of the books.  Writers can change the fate of the characters.  If I would be a writer one day, I would first change my fate to bring you back to my life story- In each story of my life  where you lived in; In each moment,  where you were guest to my heart Every smile of yours  that I treasured in my eyes Every single time,  when you put your hands to hold your cheeks In every heart beats  That jumped in happiness  when I looked at you, The spell I would cast on our life  through my pen again For all those wonderful nights  we laughed together For all those secret moments  I stole without your consent I still believe in fairy tales And as a writer  I would bring happy ending to our story The story of friendship, love and life The tale that has no dark clouds, no demons, no fire  To burn the dreams The saga of beauty of life,  The power of love and play of hearts