Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Mother to Me

My Mother to Me

My mother is the best thing gifted to me
A replica of love, divine on earth is she
My mother is like the Seven Wonders of the World
For the beauty in my life she has unfurled
My mother is like a beautiful curve of the rainbow
Touching my heart for the love she show
My mother is like a cup of cheer for a sip of bliss
Giving me her blessings through her kiss
My mother is like a metaphor of Almighty God
In her protective shell I cross every impossible odd
My mother is like the spring, the season deity has send
For her happiness my whole life I can spend
My mother is like a magical paradise of waterfall
Cleaning my negative thoughts to show love for all
My mother is like my most intimate and lovely friend
She knows when I am sad and at what time happy I pretend
My mother is like the shining stars and the cosmic dust
Stay far or near the only person on whom I can blindly trust
My mother is the Universe around which my life revolves
Sometimes like a friend, critic, mentor, teacher, she involves
My mother is simple, pure, and innocent in the perfect blend
To describe my mother the list would never end.

Poem accepted and published by Forward poetry,  UK
The book code for Mother To Me is YBA0024C 0015

You can go onto website http://www.forwardpoetry.co.uk/buy-books.php to buy the book. 

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Loving You is like Endless Love

Loving You is like Endless Love

Loving you is like touching my soul
I forget myself, one and all
The day I met you, I had a single goal
To mingle with love in beloved role

Loving you is like a vast love Ocean
Just as an angel’s gift wrapped in emotion
Like a cup of joyfulness stimulating my passion
Mesmerised by your words beyond the horizon

Loving you is like Life in a Santa Claus village
Lissom and lovely, and amazing voyage
Vivid and exhilarating our days in all ages
Resembling canvas of heaven on earth image

Loving you is like shimmery and shiny season
Rekindling the sparks of love is the sweet reason
Love, a wonderful discovery in my life’s mission
Like the spring that gave me a smile which was hidden

Loving you is like riding my heart
An experience so strange, so magical impact
In a perfect blend of happiness like a work of art
You being with me as my life’s part

Poem accepted and published by Forward poetry,  UK

You can go onto website http://www.forwardpoetry.co.uk/buy-books.php to buy the book. 
The book code for Endless Love is YBA0024A 0316

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Kabhi Yeh Socha Nehi Tha

Kabhi Yeh Socha Nehi Tha


Kal aaj kal ki baat nehi hoti thi
Bash sath chalne ki raat hoti thi
Bite din bhi itne ache lagenge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Kabhi tum hame manate the, 
Aab tumhe manane men 
Khud ko bhool jayenge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Hame hasana tumhara kaam tha, 
Muskurate huye har shaam tha
Abhi gham men bhi na ro payenge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Mohabat janat hai, 
Yeh tumne bataya tha, 
Ishke naam sunne ko inkar karoge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Zindegi toh hum khul ke jeene ki soche the, 
Parindo ki tarah udte rahene yeh bhi soche the,
Par dil men khed hoke, akso men doob jayenge
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Kabhi tum intezaar karte the,
Pehele kaun baat karenge yeh fursat kise thi sochne ko,
Abhi yun chup rahenge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Dard toh tab bhi tha,
Par akele rehenki aadat ho gayi thi,
Aab sath hoke bhi sath nehi rahenge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha.

Sath nibhani ki baat nehi ki thi kabhi, na kiya tha koi wada,
Fir bhi dil men sath reheni ki thi tamanna, 
Aab sath chodne ki baat karoge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2nd poetry book

Dear Friends,
I, with my friend Shailendra Kumar, am coming with our Poem book. It is a collaborative effort to touch hundred different things of our everyday life. We wrote 100-100 poems on same subjects like (Love, life, winter, mother, family, poet etc. ). And we are now in the process of choosing a ‘title’ for our next poem book.
We want a title from our audiences that is you. So please send your title in the comments or at my fb account. The condition is ‘Hundred’ word shall be a part of the title. We will choose a title sent from you and the winner will get a Signed copy of the book as well as his/ her name will be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the book.
Hearing from you soon…
Warm Regards,
N. M. Leepsa ( The Author of ‘Shades of Love and Life’)
Shailendra Kumar( The Author of ‘The Exponent’)

Note: The selection of the ‘Title’ is subject to the choice of the Authors


Dear Ms. Leepsa,

Your poem "Drenched My Soul" was not only selected for Branwyn but also got wide appreciation from its readers. 
Here are a few of the fan mails -

“Drenched My Soul” was a good one. Life really is a colourful rainbow. And I hope to see more from Ms. Leepsa. 
- Anuj Dhiman, New Delhi

Reading N. M. Leepsa was a refreshing treat. Thanks!
-Nanda Kumar

Very soulful poem.
- Mihika Sarkar, Kolkata

Loved the poem by leepsa very much.
-Tejas Thakrar

Sneha Gupta, Branwyn Family


Dear friends, 
I am sharing the poem with you: 

Bath in summer or the monsoon rain
Drenched my soul, my pain
When it pours suddenly
On the crowded streets
Amongst rush and hush of people
Finding way along with the hustle vehicles
I forgot to feel it
Just searching for a shelter
To protect my soul, my inner self
But the taste of rain
Is amazing I could know?
When I silently felt
As whole world is moving
Making me standstill
As if whole world is at rest
And I am moving forward
In search of something
I don’t know what it is
Aah, I just say
It cools my heart
From the summer ray
It wet my heart
From the monsoon memories
Like some drizzle
Falling from my eyes
Like the street lights
It showed me the way
Midst of the colourful lights of city
The yellow green and red
My life, a colourful rainbow again


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To My Parents with Love

To My Parents with Love

When I was a child, you taught many words to speak
As you grow old, I hope I will understand your words

When I was a child, you forgive me for my mistakes
As you grow old, I pray I will not stumble on your fault

When I was child, you gave every toy I crave for
As you grow old, I trust I will not play with your emotions

When I was a child, you remain awake when I was sick
As you grow old, I expect from myself to be with you always

When I was a child, you came to me when I wake and search for you

As you grow old, I pray I will not leave you for money, name & fame

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Friday, July 5, 2013


My poem "FAME" published in Taj Mahal Review June 2013!  
Poem Description: It is a A poem of fourteen lines using formal rhyme schemes, in English typically having ten syllables per line length.

Success defined in money, name, fame
Is merely confused with real life's aim
Where human fears to fall in the thought of rise
The glamour world turns them foolish from wise
They forget even a shining star fall
So aim to get a place in heart of all
Respect is not something to achieve
It is rather to be won I strongly believe
Any materialistic thing will come and go
On death, honour is the best thing the world could show
So do not squander in life for fake fame
Build your character, love and truth you claim
Be grateful before God for the talents he gave
Be thankful to those who shed tears near your grave

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shades of Love and Life: By N.M.Leepsa An Appraisal by Chandramoni Narayanaswamy

Shades of Love and Life: By N.M.Leepsa
An Appraisal by Chandramoni Narayanaswamy
Leepsa, N.M. (2012). Shades of Love and Life, Cyberwit.net, pages 117, Rs 200 (US$15), ISBN 978-81-8253-338-7
This anthology of eighty poems is the maiden venture by a young lass for whom writing the book was like long journey stretched over a period of five years. These are all love poems. But though written in the first person they are not autobiographical for the poet is not in love with anyone; she is love with love. So she had tried to capture the bliss and sorrow, hope and despair, thrill and pain of being in love. The poems are addressed to loved one but the object is not a man in all poems, Nor God, the eternal beloved of mystic poets. In many poems like “My Love You Never Knew My Love”, “I Don’t Like When She...”, “I Like When She”, “I Am Sorry”, “I Apologise”, “Never Got Again”, “She Pretends”, “Waiting Eyes”, “Do Not Hide Yourself”, “Oh Lady In Forest Green”, “Sleeping Beauty”, etc man is the lover and woman is the beloved. What a person in love feels, undergoes, expects and experiences and the changing moods of mind in that state are the shades of love and also of life for love and life are inseparable. As the poet states in the preface the poem attempts to express the emotions, feelings and thoughts of all those persons who have spent some part of their life in the world of love. I shall briefly comment upon this attempt, as made out in many of the poems.
            In the “The Moment You Looked At Me” an attempt is made to capture a life span in a moment. “Tree of Love “ is a pensive poem in which shattered hopes nourished over years and the resulting frustration , are personified as a tree destroyed by storm. “I Wrote Your Name In My Heart” describes what it feels to be in love and the fond and foolish things one does in that state of mind. Similar is the poem “She Hides From You”. “In The Tranquil Hours of Night” depicts the pangs of separation and desertion. In “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...”, and also in “I Wish You Would Be Mine” the poet describes the doubt, anxiety and agony of being in love with fickle lover, who many finally betray. The mother instinct surfaces occasionally in the mind of a woman in love and this brought out in “Hearing the Silence” and in “I Would Like to Confess”, the love pours out the despair of loving knowing that love cannot culminate in belonging and yet revels in being in love. “May You Smile Forever” is a poem with a difference depicting love as friendship and goodwill for and from all, bringing abiding happiness. Similarly “Strange Colours of Emotions” is more about friendship than love. “I Am Sorry” is a poem about the guilt and regret of a betrayer. The next two poems “Forgive Me, My Babe” and “I Apologise” are also written in the same vein, regretful of the hurt caused but holding out a promise to mend and amends. “No More I Love You” is refreshingly different in which the one who loves in vain shows self respect and courage to break away. Unlike other poems “Pray For Me” is not addressed to the loved one but an appeal to a friend to pray for making love fruitful. “The Grave Of My Love” is replete with despair and disillusionment. “The Lost Sun” stands apart from rest. In this the characters are not human beings. But the sun and the earth are symbolised as eternal lovers. “Heartless May” is the only poem in the collection that can be called a nature poem. (There is factual error in this poem “taking a long ride after the rainy season she came to the ground this year” (p. 91). Actually the rainy season comes after May. “Before the rainy reason” would have been correct and appropriate”).
The poems are written mostly in rhymed verse. But strict adherence to rhyme has hampered free and telling expression in some places.
The author had appropriately dedicated the book to all those who have loved someone or are in love with someone or wish to be loved by someone in future. She has become the mouth piece of such people and each poem is an expression of feelings of such person. This is what puts the anthology in a special category.
On the whole this a successful maiden attempt by a young poet and makes enjoyable reading.
*Reviewer: Mrs Chandramoni Narayanaswamy, IAS (Rtd.)
Flat No B-006, Snehalata Apartments,
Vivekananda Marg, Bubaneswar-751002, Odisha (India)
*Author of Book: N.M.Leepsa (PhD, VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur)
At-AE-96 VSS Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751007, Odisha (India)
Email: n.m.leepsa@gmail.com or leepsa.writer@gmail.com

Friday, April 12, 2013

Aap hamare ho gaye

Pehele aap baton ka silsila banayege
Yeh soch ke hum khamosh ho gaye
Hamari khamosiyon ko guroor soch ke
Aap humse kyun naraaz ho gaye

Aankhen dekh rahi thi rasta
Har lamha jaise kayi saal ho gaye
Aap ko kya batayen  aapki ane ke intezaar men
Hum toh baar baar har baar barbad ho gaye

Wo sham ki mulakat, wo dher sare baatein
Dil ki beraan galiyon men wo ab yaadein ho gaye
Na koi han mila, nah na ka koi ishara
Par kuch toh baat thi jishe dil tadapne ko bhi tayar ho gaye 

N. M. Leepsa
13th April 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Seasons Songs: A Portfolio of Poetry

The Seasons Songs
A Portfolio of Poetry

Submission Call

 “The spring, the summer, the chilling autumn, angry winter changes their wonted liveries
- William Shakespeare

With the successful completion of my first poetry book “Shades of Love and life”. I am making an attempt for the publication of the second poetry book. It would be in the form of an edited book with collection of poems from poets like you and me. If you are a poem lover poet like me who are interested in sharing their emotions through poems and want to share it to the outer world, you may send me your poems for the book. The theme of the book is on “SEASONS”. So show to the world the creative side of your mind on any of the seasons of the year through the poems. Your poems can be on any aspect of the six seasons- spring, summer, monsoon/rainy, autumn, winter, fall. It could your thoughts about a special person in specific season, it could be your feelings on the arrival of a specific season, or it could be memories during any season, or love of nature. The poets whose publication would be accepted would have the opportunity to see their work published in the form of a poetry book.  

Author Guidelines

·  Open to poets (above 18 years of age) from all over the world.
·  Maximum of two poems per person
·  Line Limit: 35 lines
·  No restrictions on poetic style or form
·  Write your full name, address, email and age and short biography
·  Send your passport size photograph (black and white)

·The poem submitted should not be published elsewhere in any form and is also not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
·It should not be a plagiarised work. It should be author's original work


·  You can email your poems at leepsa.writer@gmail.com or send to my inbox at http://goo.gl/7WVtH . Write  ' Seasons poetry ' in the subject line.
·All entries must be send by Sunday 30th June 2013

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Kind regards,
Email: leepsa.writer@gmail.com &  n.m.leepsa@gmail.com

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Halke Halke Ehesash

Wo uski uff karke chale jana
Wo uski har baat pe nazar hona
Wo uski ish baat pe muskurana
Wo uski ush baat pe ruth jana
Wo uski nazron se natkhat adayen dikhana
Wo uski shararat bhari baaton se behelana
Wo uski khamosh galiyon men kho jana
Wo uski haasi ki gooz men gaam bhul jana
Jane kahanse ish zameeen par so sawaal late hain
Hame thandi thandi raaton men jagake khud so jate hain

In her day

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quotes of the Day

When I stop talking with you, I feel my life has stopped talking to me
My face may have held a smile, but it hurts me more more than what you see

The world is searching you in my poetry
To know the lucky man, to unmask the mystery
Sometimes your silent face
Bring the poetic heart of mine
In front your eyes
In black and white
Just look at your eyes
So innocent so pure
Who made you the poet?
Just be my poetry, be my love


My love let my eyes find you everywhere

Except near my grave, so that you wont weep there


Every time I see you, each time your words echo in my ears
I forget my days of pain; I forget my midnight tears


You said to forgive and forget you
How can I, If I have a single heart
From where I will bring a new 

About Leepsa...writer by chance but write by choice

My photo
Chandler, Arizona, India
N. M. Leepsa is a young writer, teacher researcher, painter. She was born in 1985 in Bhubaneswar, India’s eastern state of Odisha. Her parents Nabaghan Jena(Father ) and Madhabika Jena(Mother) raised her with utmost care to give her higher education and support her achieve whatever academic credentials. She did her schooling at the Children’s Centre of Integral Education, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. She attended Ramadevi Women’s College (B.Com), Utkal University (M.Com);Ravenshaw University (M.Phil) for her college studies. After this, she was inspired to pursue her PhD from Vinod Gupta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Completing her studies, she joined as faculty of finance in LMT School of Management, Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab and then worked at School of Management, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha. She is currently pursuing her professional courses at Grand Canyon University, USA. She can be reached at • Email: leepsa.writer@gmail.com, • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Leepsa.writer • Blog: http://nmleepsa.blogspot.com/.

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