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Best Friends

Someone who fights with you but with no enmity Someone who steals chocolates from u but add sweetness in your life Someone who laughs at you on little things but wipes tears in big problem Someone who sleeps while exam, but awakes when you are ill Someone who scolds you like elder but asks to caress while feeling alone Someone who may not meet you every day, but remains with when you need them the most Someone who eats your brain by gossiping, but remain silent by never complaining about you Someone wears your every new dress, but celebrates your every happiness Someone who explains to correct your mistakes, but never asks for any explanation Someone who tries peep into your diaries, but knows more about you than that diary Someone who never miss a chance for your leg pulling, but never pulls your leg in your success Someone who never says how much loves, but loves you the most Someone very naughty but caring Someone bit bitter still sweet Someone tough and soft Someone like you -N.M