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The Words of Tears

I remember the dialogues of Kajol in "we are family " that sometimes in some relationships even if we love each other, we come in such circumstances that we cannot stay with the person we love. Never bind any relationship with anything. Just love and love . I agree with that. while i was thinking about it , i felt to write something that i felt similar to those lines of Kajol and share with you all. Never hurt the person who you love in present for the person who hurt you in past. Never link your past pain in present, it will be like a wound that you yourself not allowing to heal. Forgetting is not that easy. If it would have been so, then I would have forgotten to breathe. The love for you inside my heart sometimes comes in form of anger, but that anger is like the waves that comes and goes back deep inside the heart of the sea. It is just the part of the sea, like the love for you. Sometimes we love someone very much. But we differ in expressing our love for eac