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"God" in World's First International Duet-Poetry Anthology 'Synthesis' (part of Limca Book of Records)

God By N.M.Leepsa & Shailendra Kumar On the paths of the pricks As the evil play tricks When there is no light I am sole in my fight Suspicions in myself And decision of self help Give me the strength, save my feet. Stay in my soul, protect my heartbeat Day and night, I pray O God! Show me the way. In the fall of the fate Bless, in life no regret You give me your hand So that I could stand Fearless and strong And never going   wrong My Lord, open the heaven’s gate Listen! I pray, come, never be late My faith! Let it not block O God! Help me to walk ........... My poem entitled "GOD" written in collaboration with Shailendra Kumar is published in the World's First International Duet-Poetry Anthology 'Synthesis' (page-79), by released on 27/04/2014 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, Publisher This Anthology is part 2015 Special Literature Section, Limca Book