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SHADES OF LOVE AND LIFE Sometimes we feel to express our love to the person who makes us feel like being in love with life. The person who makes us alive and everything in surrounding look like being in harmony taking us to a different world. We feel the heaven on the earth. But either we fear to express them in the thought of losing them or express them after losing them. Sometimes we express them through our eyes thinking that they would understand them or sometimes we express them opening the words of heart in front of them. This poem book is an attempt to express these emotions, feelings, and thoughts of all those persons who have spent some part of their lives in the world of love. The sad part of life is that sometimes love happens only to those who do not love us. We love someone who does not love us, and they loved someone who did not love them back. This is the sad part of life but still, life goes on and still we believe in love. This is luck


Over the years I have stolen millions of hearts writing about love I enticed my audiences with my elegant looks Freely flying very high on the sky I aimed to reach those fascinating stars And they saw me shinning like a star They saw my external beauty Let me show them my internal struggles From childhood days to days of wisdom The tough times and the days of fame When I always reinvented myself And sustaining the harsh winds striking against me My life experiences are deep and intense The wounds in my heart are deeper than your look Wrapped in a strong smoke of secrets No one knew I crave for love my entire life True love that I deserve, the love I write about They see me as a loner as I fly alone But did anyone dare to reach the sky? I have fallen down a thousand times over But I stood up myself stronger than ever before I survived many storms that fine-tuned me to write better I am natural, spontaneous, resilient and bold With dark-skinned feathers that holds strength A paradigm of