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After so many days
After so many days I could see my love in front of me I could see his name in my name I could feel like crying in happiness I could sense the peace in my heart I could realize I am not out of his heart I could breathe for my soul I could know my heart is still alive So now I don’t want to lose those moments And count the seconds I took your name For the reason that I missed you Every day every moment With the thought that you won’t come After such long days of silence Now if you haves shown your face Bring inside me the same grace And make me alive again
Because You are the One I Love

You promised me to talk to me everyday You promised me to be with me whenever I need you You promised me to be my friend You said to see me smiling But you forgot all your promises You keep silence even if we meet You do not respond to the calls when I need you most You act as strangers these days You made me cry with pain I tried to make you the man of my heart But you didn't even became the man of your words Still my love for you will not change Because you are the one I love
17th February 2012

Falling in Love with You Again

Every time I pray to see you You come across my way Every time I find you before my eyes My heart beats faster and I sway away
I pretend that I didn't see you But look back to my heart's content And smile with no bounds Hiding my craziness from you and my friend
While I pass by your way A magic fill in air That makes me feel like touching you And holding your hands in care
I make different moves Acting like watching someone else You walk away far and far But your single glance like God’s Grace
Fall in love with me And make me yours I will show you how much I love you And heavenly happiness my heart bears
Why do you come? If you denied you love me I stayed away when you made distance As together we can’t be
But don’t know why My heart is feeling the same When I met you for first time The day you came
As if I am newly in love As if we never met As if we never talked As if I am for you in your fate
So I kept the white flowers for you And placed the smile in your name I wished for you from my heart Ev