Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lessons from a Matchstick

We know that a match is a flammable object for lighting a fire in required situation. This match sticks even though very small but can teach big lessons. It rubs itself on the rough surface again and again until it burns to ignite the light. The first lesson is that if you want to get something from life, you have bet ready to rub yourself to difficult situations of life. You should be ready to face the hurdles of life. The second lesson is that just like the match stick burns itself to light candles and lamps, if you have something never hesitate to share with others if the person is in need of it. If you have small amount of knowledge share it to others who may come out with new knowledge for the benefit of all. When life of the match stick is for few seconds but by burning itself it lights other big objects which removes the darkness around you. Same way in every big sculpture there are small hands. The third lesson is to appreciate those hands. In every big Tata and Birla companies we value Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and Shiv Narain Birla. In every Taj Mahal and Konark we value Shah Jahan and King Narasimhadeva-I. But among these big shots there may be people like me and you, be thankful for their contribution. It means give importance to all people and never underestimate anyone. Respect people respect their good qualities. Every person has some unique qualities in them, find them. The last lesson is about the purpose you do a work. The match stick before it burns to die may be used to light a candle to remove darkness from life or set off guns and cannons to take life. Similarly think what you want to do for others before you die. Think if you want to bring happiness for others or be responsible for sufferings .So these are lessons I learnt which I felt to share with you. Learn from everyone and from everything because this life is too short to learn.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Words of Tears

I remember the dialogues of Kajol in "we are family" that sometimes in some relationships even if we love each other, we come in such circumstances that we cannot stay with the person we love. Never bind any relationship with anything. Just love and love. I agree with that. while i was thinking about it , i felt to write something that i felt similar to those lines of Kajol and share with you all.
  • Never hurt the person who you love in present for the person who hurt you in past.
  • Never link your past pain in present, it will be like a wound that you yourself not allowing to heal.
  • Forgetting is not that easy. If it would have been so, then I would have forgotten to breathe.
  • The love for you inside my heart sometimes comes in form of anger, but that anger is like the waves that comes and goes back deep inside the heart of the sea. It is just the part of the sea, like the love for you.
  • Sometimes we love someone very much. But we differ in expressing our love for each other, which brings pain. But never forget we love each other.
  • I have stopped expecting from the persons I love. But I cannot stop loving them. So when they say not to love it pains.
  • You may not like the way I express my love for you, but is not it a good feeling that someone is there who loves you.
  • Sometimes when the person you love never understands that how much you love and care about the person, it is better to remain silent than to explain by words.
  • I have heard that when we go away from our family, the rest of the world comes forward to make a new family with you. I made you my family, but you deny being the part of it. So tears falls like the river.
  • Gifts are gifts. Accept it. Someone may have brought it so much love and care. Never compare love by pricing it.
  • I understood what you wanted to say. But try to understand me too.  
  • Sometimes if a person loves you, there would be no harm if you change a little bit for the person. It may rather change life by bringing joy to the person who loves you. What to do with so called “principles”, if it brings tears to eyes of loved ones.
  • Gift and bribe may be twins. But even if they look same, they differ. One comes as she loves other, and another comes as she loves self.
  • Money destroys relationships. But strong relationships are never the slave of money. It is just the thinking that makes the difference.
  • Life had taught me many things, many experiences at age of 25 that would have got at age of 52. My white hairs are the witness of it.
  • Sometimes you love someone so much that, you cannot tolerate any ignorance from the person, you cannot tolerate any anger from the person, you cannot tolerate any silence from the person. 
  • Sometimes you do not get love in return from the person you love the most,  it does not mean that your love was worthless. It becomes more special because you loved someone without anything in return.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Thread of Faith

I had been to Khajrana Ganesh temple in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 25th September 2010. The temple was built by Rani Ahalya Bhai Holkar. It is considered as an important pilgrimage center that attracts crowd from different parts of India. I went to temple with my friend and with his family. I found large numbers of devotees had gathered in the evening to offer their reverence and prayers. They were worshiping Lord Ganesh with different names of ganesh, matras, ganesh vandana, and also offering flowers, ladoo and coconut. The temple premise is an abode of so many other deities as well. The serene surroundings coupled with holiness, this majestic temple instilled inside me an unusual feeling of warmth. It gave peace to my soul and satisfaction to my heart. People believed that all the wishes will be fulfilled after praying in that temple. We made walked three times around the temple. Then Ashok Uncle (friend’s uncle) said me to tie a red thread inside the temple walls and make a wish. I did so by closing my eyes, with folded hands and bending my head before Lord Ganesha. He said that just to tie a knot is not enough. One should have Shradha (love and devotion) and Viswas (belief). One should have belief or faith in it. I agreed with him. It’s not only with temples and god. Anything we do with full of devotion, dedication and total faith on it, we fulfill the wish, and see the dream to reality. When we have faith, a positive energy stimulates inside us which makes us to move towards our goal. If goal will be a big word here, then I would say something that you ever wished for, a strong desire for something. With faith we imagine ourselves with reality that will happen in future. So we work for it until to get it fulfilled. It may be the wish for the peaceful world or for an individual desire topping in career, marrying your beloved, desiring to meet someone, wishing for someone to get well soon and many more. It had happened to me and must have also happened to you all at least once in life. Faith may not solve a problem, but gives enough courage, hope, confidence to face the problem. It brings positive thinking that enhances will power to face any difficult situation and get what we ever wished for. So, dear readers have faith on your faith because “Where hope grows, miracles blossom-Elna Rae”.

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