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TWO HEARTS AND HUNDRED PEARLS About the book Love, dreams, heart, joys and happiness- This book contains all the possible themes and much more. It touches themes on the days of the week, relationships, human emotions & moods, various seasons and every single word that we hear every single day by some means or other. We have tried to show the real beauty behind the words that is above their mere utterance. We know what its real worth is, but when we want to convey it, we normally don’t justify in its true sense, we feel how to define them or express them. We have made a fair attempt to portray the inner side of you that you would want to convey to the world. In a way, more or less each of these poems is a telltale of your own story. These are short poems that will tell you, sometimes a tale or will take you in your own life stories in rhythmic forms. Each and every poem is created in a unique way to give you some memorable references. The same theme has been presented in