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Acknowledgement: Source of photo: Recently the movie Heroine was released and myself with my friends watched the movie. Well it was basically an actress life story. I found the movie quite interesting as I felt it revolves around the charector's choice between LOVE AND FAME. There is always a war in mind to choose between LOVE AND FAME. LOVE OF FAME chosen by those who want to live in many hearts and FAME OF LOVE is the glory to live in heart of a single person.  Well if we talk about fame and love, then I feel two things are difficult to be together. I don't say, it wont come. But very very difficult to get it together. I am not in for or against of love and fame. But I can say is fame sometimes makes you alone, but love never makes you alone even if you is not with you. When fame is away from you, the past memories will only ruin you, torture you every moment and even torment you. But memories of l

Odisha: Memories Recollected

When I thought to pen down something for the Kalinga Samaj e-magazine, I was puzzled while selecting a topic, because many years have passed, I would have written anything in odia. Then I  remembered about my school days and my odia lessons. I just could not just control myself to stop laughing for number of incidents relating to my subject odia in my school days- our odia teacher, the handwritings, the essay competitions, the odia idioms, story writing assignments, punishments, examinations days, daddy’s practise sessions and lots more. Childhood days are amazing in classroom, but a little tough for an English medium student in the odia class. With time, the love for the mother tongue grows, the tough subject seems a treasure to the heart and life. No one in this world, who are born and brought up in Odisha, would have forgotten the childhood day’s lullaby sang by their mother. Every night before we sleep, we hear “aa janha mamun sarada shashi; mo kahnu hatha re padhe tu

The life goes on between "with(s) and without(s)"

       A friend of mine once said "If there would have been no bad things in life, then we would not have enjoyed the good things in life, since we would not differentiate between good and bad", so true.   The sweetness of honey can be enjoyed if we have tasted the bitterness of neem, the days of success can be satisfactory if days of hard work is remembered, the importance of love can be felt if gone through days of hatredness, the happy days becomes more pleasure if you felt the painful days of sorrow.       Who in this world does not want a 'life with WITH(s)'. I mean a life with family, with friends, with love, with success, with good health, with wealth and with happiness. But can this happen always. Will our life be fun, if there is only one face of life? Just imagine earth with either day or either night. How it would be. There is beauty in each phase of things. If the day has its own brightness, then the night has also its own calmness, quietness and c

The most important persons in my life, My teachers

The most important persons in my life, My teachers The wishes below is for all my teachers who have been in my life and for all the lessons learned, love received and knowledge gained and for everything that made me a better person

Shades of Love and Life

Image Dear Friends, With your good wishes and love, I have made an attempt to write a poem  book... my first poem book which is named as "SHADES OF LOVE AND  LIFE'.  It is a collection of around 80 poems.  I would like to announce you that, you can now avail the book from   and amazon website.   I also need a small favour from all of you. Kindly help in spreading the information  about the book to all your friends so that they may also like to read  the book. I also need all your good wishes for the success of book.  The book will be released on 1st October 2012.But you can order the  book now also- Visit the following links- You can avail the book from flipcart shades-love-life-8182533384/p/ itmddk9ucrajysfb?pid= 9788182533387&ref=b8c870bd- bf58-44cf-a554-68c5fc85c3a5 also you can purchase the book from amazon Love-Life-N-Leep