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The Story of Faith

Many times we believe in our eyes than our heart. We believe in the words of two eyes not in the single heart. We believe the eyes that shows life and we don’t believe the heart that gives us life. So this is the story of a wife who was unable to make decision on whom to believe-in her eyes or in her heart. But finally she trusted her heart to judge the heart of a person whom she had once given her heart. Was her decision right or wrong? What consequences she had to face for her decision? Did her decision made her life hell or heaven? Let me tell you a small story-the story of a woman, the story of a wife, the story of faith. There was a girl named Sasmita, from a poor family with two brothers and two sisters. Sasmita was the eldest daughter of her family. The unfortunate girl could not get enough love from her father who was heavenly abode when she was only seven years old. Her mother was then the one source of giving love and earning income in the family. Her mother could manage t

Photography and Poem ...Combo on Cloudy Weather

The dark clouds outside The silence sounds inside. Sails the past memories again Flows the messages from heart lane. N.M.LEEPSA 24.05.2011