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The Best Wishes for You

On your birthday If I could gift the whole world I could have given you But my dear my hands are small So putting my heart before you I can only give myself My friendship As the token of love Accept it Dear princess, Do you know why I call myself princess? And now why I called you princess, it’s because I feel those who are special they are to be treated like princess. Someone said… RELATIONSHIPS ARE SHORT AND SWEET. Someone said… RELATIONSHIPS ARE LONG AND LOVELY. I don’t know what I would have said.   But I can just say that, we had sweet memories in the short duration of time that can be kept longer for the lovely friendship we had between us. Your birthday is a special occasion to say you how special relationship we have and how special friend you are.   And you know you are very unique. Every special person’s birthday is also special to be celebrated specially. You know your birthday is therefore not to be celebrated for few moments, but every hour of your day should remind