Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love...Destiny of Despair

Love is really a strange kind of thing. When it comes it brings so much of happiness that you feel you don’t have the heart to treasure them, when it goes it breaks every single part of your heart. Really I don’t understand why God had made this heart, if it made heart why it beats for others, why it feels for others why it loves others. Why our heart loves someone then, why it loves the heart which never beats for us. Why god has made such rules that our heart loves someone who loves someone else. Why, love is so funny and strange, even if try to understand it more and more, it will show a new face of it which we may not be aware of. Why can’t love be the reason of happiness for the whole life? Why it a just for few moments of happiness smiles laugher. Why the rest life goes with sorrow, suffering, pain, tears, dreams, hope, waiting, complaints, darkness and struggle.  Why a single face comes again and again which we want to forget? Why the each single moments seems to come before you again and again when our love is lost. Why this heart makes and breaks our cheerfulness. The presence of someone turns a blessing and absence like a curse in love. This loves comes again and again giving birth to new hope and fades away throwing you to valley of tears. This love gives life to our heart and again burn the deadly heart. We aspire we will be gifted with love care from our beloved but we are gifted with few sorrowful memories. We think to go long and long but are left alone just to travel in memories of our love. First we think to complain to our heart why it beats for our love, then we complain our eyes why it saw love in eyes of the person who never love us, then we complain god why he made the destiny of despair. But finally we could not complain anyone  but smile for the lovely days spend together and cry for why those lovely days is only for few days not for whole life. Nature should have already spoken to us who is our soul mate then our heart would not have fallen in love with someone who never understands your love.

22nd December 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life is all about experiences

Life is all about experiences. Just like no twins are same, no situations of life are same even though they look similar. You would always find a ray of hope after going through the darkness of the tunnel but when you reach that ray of light, you will find the night has come to again spread darkness to make you blind at some point of time or other. Sometimes you wait for the destiny to bring smiles for you, but finally you would find that destiny has already forgotten you . Sometimes you make yourself stronger thinking what is happening, its the grace of God and finally everything will be good, but after some point of time you would feel in that process of getting something good we have lost many things in our way. Sometimes you will feel that if one person has broken your trust does not mean every one are the same, but you would be witnessing such lost of faith, trust belief at every single day of your life. People will come your life , they will play with your innocence and go away. People will come your life and promise to remain with you but they will walk away silently. People will come your life giving lots of hopes and acceptance, but they will they they have forgotten what they have spoken . They  will come and go away silently and again come back when you are needed by them. Life has become like a business deal. Friendship has become like a deal of give and take. Any relationship are built like a business contract of short duration, benefits over relationships over. But for those who value relations, for those who have trust people get a broken heart at the end a broken life. A life where they doubt whom to believe and whom to share your heart. It is because everything seems well in beginning but at end they are lost for those who loved them for lust. Life will show you many things which you may not have expected or thought of . It is therefore can be said that EXPECTATION and REALITY are to be differentiated and kept separate. Many times people will build your expectations which we assume that he same will happen in your reality, but it never happens in real life. In real life there is no Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Barbie Dolls, Sleeping Beauty, Black Beauty, Prince Charming, it happens only in fairy tales. Life is no long HAPPY ENDING like old movies, but its like a rose plant full of thorns. 

21st December 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Loved and Forgeted

The candles melts and lost its existence
Falling in love with the spark
Which she forget its fire that dazzled
To burn her to death to vanish her presence

Still she loves to be lighted
And live to play with flames
She thinks its her destiny
To be loved and then forgeted

Kuch Sayari Dil ke Dard ke Naam...

Yeh pyar naam pyar nehi dard hona chahiye
Isqh men sirf ek jaan ko nehi ,
Dono ko ish takleef ka ehesash hona chahiye

Banna chahate the unka asqhik
pata nehi kyun sayar bante gaye
Khusiyon ki thi tamana,
Par hum ansun samete gaye

Kuch kaami na dekhi tuhjmen
Har kaami ko khusi se aapna di
Bash ek kaami rehe gayi  meri mohabat men
Tumhe pyar ka bayan kar di

Yeh dil kyun dushman ho jati hain
Sapne to dikhaye baharoke 
Registan ki jalan men jalati hain

19th December 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paintings tells the Tales

These are two paintings made by friend Abheepsa Mishra, I created a platform for the communication going on between the friends in first picture and between the boy and girl in the second picture. Hope you enjoy reading them.

An Afternoon with You

I will always remember that afternoon with you. We were together in the green fields. We were enjoying the cool summer climate under the shadow of trees. There were greenery all around, just like our friendship. We confessed how much we care for each other and how much our taste preferneces match with each other.  It was a day like a picnic. We had taken food and shared together. We played around the flowers and the grasses. We ran together in the search of butterflies which are so colourful like the colourful life we have in our friendship days. We sat silently that day for such long hours after being tired from plays. We were silent but it seemed as if we were talking to each other . Then suddenly we broke the silence and laughed since when we started opening our mouth it in same time by both of us. We shared our good days and our bad days. I had taken my bag with ful of chocolates and enjoyed eating them. We were so relaxed and calm with peace of mind. There was no one to disturb us, neither our studies, nor hostel nor anyone else. We watched the clouds together and gave different names to different shapes of clouds sailing in the sky. The summer climate did not bothered us and we were no more in need of umbrella becuase  we have forgotten everything as if there is no tensions in life and no worries, as if if there will be any problem you are there to be with me. I was so happy that you really care for me as i care for you. I said whenever i do not read you scold me like my mama and then you laughed. You said lets forget the studies and sing and dance together. We smiled and the chuckles were creating music in that place. I will always remember the afternoon with you.

                                                                        Just Friends

We became friends. We were together every time. Many times I felt you loved me and gradually I fallen in love with you. Your hold my hand and I felt the magic touch of love. You walked with me in rain and I felt you are one to stop the rain of my eyes.  The passage of time i was confused are we just friends. Stories are many when we talk of love. But every time we see boys and girls can never be good friends. Either of them would surely fall in love, just like I have fallen in love with you. Every time I see in your eyes the spark of love but it was not as you said. There is no future of our love you said me. Have I asked about the past or future? I just said what I feel for you at present and just wanted to know the same what you feel for me at the same time. I was so confident that you would be so happy when I would confess that i loved you, but you asked if joke was or not. If to my serious lines you thought it as joke, then how can I further say you something more? It is better to act and laugh loud to show that it was just for fun sake.  I had to hide and say it that it was just acting. Do you know how it pains when u have to act that you don’t love someone whom you love actually. It pains more when the person whom you love becomes happy when you say that you were acting rather than really loving. If you must say yes, say it with an open heart. If you must say no, say it without fear-Paul Cohelo. So there is no need of any explanation or sympathy. Just “if YES then say and if NO say nothing”. Love always hurts specially in name of “Just friends”.

19th December 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Na koi dur na koi pash hai

 Na koi dur na koi pash hai
Bash ek khusi ki talash hai
Koi dur hota to hum yaad karte
Koi pash hota to hum fariyad karte

Har mausam men kyun yeh likha hota hai
Dil hai khali, ankhon men ashoon bhara hota hai
Koi raat gujarti hai din ki tanhai jaise
Koi din kho jate hain raato ki andhera jaise

Jab chand bandhe apne roshni ke dor
Hum bhagte rahe kisi andhere ke aur
Abhi chandini girti hai ish darti men
Choon lete hain unko apni parchai samjakar

Sikwa kare ya sikayat
Jab aapse hui mohabat
Milte ho kho jane ke baad hat waqt
Yeh mulakat ka kya naam de, koi sapna ya meri kismat

3rd December 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Shakspare said : Caring for someone is easy, But to make someone Care for you is difficult!So,never lose the one who really cares for u!

It is so true and therefore i tried to interpret the lines with my own words. I add to it some of more human emotions.......

Saying to accept someone is easy, but to really accept someone is difficult, So never say you accepted someone when you really accept it from heart
Remaining with someone when you are alone is easy, But to be with someone who is alone is difficult, So never never break some's loneliness when you can't be there always
Saying Sorry is easy , But to feel the hurt is difficult, So never do anything till you have to say sorry, Sorry cannot heal the moments of severe pain
Making someone to fall in love with you is easy, but loving someone truly is very difficult, So never pretend to be in someone's heart  it breaks
Avoidance is  easy , But expressing the truth behind the avoidance is difficult, So never try to explain if you really say truth it reflects
Breaking heart is easy, But healing the broken heart is difficult, So never expect it to be soft with your words ,it needs time to cure
Entering someone's life is easy , But staying long with the same person with same feeling is difficult, So never leave someone in silence when you decided to enter someone's life

So for the persons who really care about us, who really love us, who really lives for us, dreams for us, let us not wound their heart, so that we have to heal their heart broken by ourselves. It is because the pain given by enemies is bearable , pain given by friends is forgettable, but the pain by close ones is not tolerable ....

Never ever try to heal the heart
Just make it yours
Feel the happiness
Feel the sorrow
Just love it as yours

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Beyond the limit of my eyes

Beyond the limit of my eyes
The portrayal of my love lies
That I search for it through my window
Wearing saree of colour of meadow
I shall wait till the curtain is taken out
Then my silence will be broken out
Then no more I will have to stand alone
In lands of known or unknown
The bright light outside reflects
My happiness and hopefulness
That you will come one day in my life
And make me your love as your wife

10th October 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Best Friends

Someone who fights with you but with no enmity
Someone who steals chocolates from u but add sweetness in your life
Someone who laughs at you on little things but wipes tears in big problem
Someone who sleeps while exam, but awakes when you are ill
Someone who scolds you like elder but asks to caress while feeling alone
Someone who may not meet you every day, but remains with when you need them the most
Someone who eats your brain by gossiping, but remain silent by never complaining about you
Someone wears your every new dress, but celebrates your every happiness
Someone who explains to correct your mistakes, but never asks for any explanation
Someone who tries peep into your diaries, but knows more about you than that diary
Someone who never miss a chance for your leg pulling, but never pulls your leg in your success
Someone who never says how much loves, but loves you the most
Someone very naughty but caring
Someone bit bitter still sweet
Someone tough and soft
Someone like you

24th September 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thank you my Teachers

Thank you my Teachers

The lessons you teach
The values you preach
The knowledge you share
The morals you educate with care
The gaps you filled
The motivations you build
To fly like kite
Against the storms to fight
To be like strong mountain
Willpower to maintain
To be the vast sky
For a loving heart till I die
The etiquette within me you edify
To be truthful and not to lie
For all your support, love and care
To see dreams and dare
The person I am today
That you made every single day
I thank you for everything
To make me true human being
You made my life journey a success song
Showing me what is right and wrong
For being friend, critic, philosopher and mentor
Thank you my teacher
For all your blessings my teacher
I will be grateful to you forever

5th September 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yeh Dil Nadan

Yeh sare raat tanha kyun hota hai
Ankhon men itne aasun kyun hoti hai
Takiye men sar rakhke, neend ko na bulake
Yeh nadan dil itna kyun rota hai

Logon ke bheed men, gumsum har nazaar
Har ek khusi se anjaan , duniya se bekhabar
Har ek pal yaadon men ghumke
Yeh dil najane kya dhundta reheta hai mar mar kar

Ek bund nikalta hai ankhon se
Ek samander banta hai gile sikwa se
Kyun yeh samajta nahi
Jo jate hain, wo ate nahi bulane se

Roz subhe ek umeed hai kaise
Ankhonme najane darr yeh kaisee
Pake jo tu khoya
Na pake wo hum haste hain kaise

Kyun chupata hai pyar ko
Kyun rokta hai armano ko
Yeh to behete nadiyon ki dhara hai
Yeh Muskurahat late hain baharon ko

Ek kosish to kar aur paon to age le 
Koi samjhe ya na samjhe apni chahat ka bayan karle
Yeh gaam to na rahega tere dhadkane koi nehi sune
Isi bahane kuch pal hi sahi tu nachle aur jhoomle

24th July 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Me and My Boy

 In the season of rain  
Some flashes of colours fall on my face
In the form of drop of love from you
To bring the rainbow again in my life
Love in my heart became deeper and deeper
With happiness million of times
like different layers of  feelings
like a spring season have came

Love has filled in my heart and in my mind
The Love which you see and pretend
The love which you too have for me

Days were lonely like winter nights
I sit alone waiting for you
But world wakes me up from the dream
With horns of laughter 
And throwing 
But still i see the beautiful red flowers
Smiling in front of me
To welcome you to sit beside me
Under the same umbrella
Under the rain of love

Boy: hi, i love music and i think you love book
Girl: No , its something else i love
Boy: what?
Girl: I will let you know later
Boy: Ok, but can we be friends
Girl: Friends forever

Boy: hello, what are you doing?
Girl: shopping
Boy: You look cute in pink. So select one of those colour dress
Girl: As i blush every time i see you in front of me

Girl: I will surely win
Boy: You are using two hands to hold me , you will surely win
and again i wish i always get defeated by you as brings smile in your face
Girl: I won :) ( your heart)
Girl: Its raining so heavily, how will i go home?
Boy: Don't worry I will send you home safely
Girl: Then hold me and lets walk in the rain together and enjoy it
Girl: Do you know what i love?
Boy: what those bunches of flowers you hold?
Girl: No, the one who had brought those bunches for me, but yet not given the rose he holds
Girl: Do you having any problem to ride cycle taking me with you 
Boy: No, but if it would have happen also, I would love to take the problem
Girl: Then take me with you forever to spend the life journey
Boy: I had already began my journey with you from now
Those days are days of happiness
I and my boy spend together
To cherish in my memories
For today and forever


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She is....

She is the charisma like the moonlit night
She is the sweetness like the chocolate delight
She is the lively beat like the tunes of temple bell
She is the radiance like the pearl in the shell
She is the softness like the feathers of dove
She is diva like the epitome of love

23 June 2011

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