Life is all about experiences

Life is all about experiences. Just like no twins are same, no situations of life are same even though they look similar. You would always find a ray of hope after going through the darkness of the tunnel but when you reach that ray of light, you will find the night has come to again spread darkness to make you blind at some point of time or other. Sometimes you wait for the destiny to bring smiles for you, but finally you would find that destiny has already forgotten you . Sometimes you make yourself stronger thinking what is happening, its the grace of God and finally everything will be good, but after some point of time you would feel in that process of getting something good we have lost many things in our way. Sometimes you will feel that if one person has broken your trust does not mean every one are the same, but you would be witnessing such lost of faith, trust belief at every single day of your life. People will come your life , they will play with your innocence and go away. People will come your life and promise to remain with you but they will walk away silently. People will come your life giving lots of hopes and acceptance, but they will they they have forgotten what they have spoken . They  will come and go away silently and again come back when you are needed by them. Life has become like a business deal. Friendship has become like a deal of give and take. Any relationship are built like a business contract of short duration, benefits over relationships over. But for those who value relations, for those who have trust people get a broken heart at the end a broken life. A life where they doubt whom to believe and whom to share your heart. It is because everything seems well in beginning but at end they are lost for those who loved them for lust. Life will show you many things which you may not have expected or thought of . It is therefore can be said that EXPECTATION and REALITY are to be differentiated and kept separate. Many times people will build your expectations which we assume that he same will happen in your reality, but it never happens in real life. In real life there is no Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Barbie Dolls, Sleeping Beauty, Black Beauty, Prince Charming, it happens only in fairy tales. Life is no long HAPPY ENDING like old movies, but its like a rose plant full of thorns. 

21st December 2011


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