Thursday, September 4, 2014

Because I love You [I]

In my dreams,
I see the face of you
In my day
I see you too
If Love makes me sing 
Happy rhyme
Then why it makes me sad 
Within few time 

Do you know?
You, My beautiful dreams that makes me alive
You, My strong hopes that stay in my life
You, My unfulfilled desires to be part of you
You, Can you make me your wife

Up above in the sky
I think of you
Just like me 
Do you remember me too?

All these thoughts running in my heart
As we stay silent and apart
The love I searched from you
Do you not find it from me too?

N. M. Leepsa
04.09.2014 , 3pm
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dynamics of Financial and Economic Research

Dynamics of Financial and Economic ResearchWarm Greetings! 
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Thanks and Regards,
Dr. (Ms.) N. M. Leepsa
Assistant Professor
Department of School of Management
National Institute of Technology Rourkela
Rourkela, Odisha
Zip Code : 769008

Mr. Abdul Rahman
 Research Fellow
 IIT Kharagpur
 Kharagpur, West Bengal
Pin Code: 721302
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Your Love My Love Our Love

Your Silence,
My Speech.

Your Anger,
My Fear.

Your Rules,
My Wings.

Your Family,
My Dreams.

Your Heart,
My Life.

Your Thoughts,
My Expressions.

Your Day,
My Nights.

Your Desires,
My Destiny.

Your Hand,
My Luck.

Your Voice,
My Music.

Your Judgement,
My Life.

Your Reflections
My Glow.

Your Happiness,
My Luck.

Your Pain,
My Tears.

Your Angel,
My Soul.

Your Chains,
My Walls.

Your Truth,
My Puzzle.

Your Words
My Thread

Your Love
My Love
Our Love.

Copyright, N. M. Leepsa

"Your Love My Love Our Love" published in Contemporary vibes Magazine of January -March 2014. I was even unaware that my poem is published. Got a letter of appreciation (inland letter) from a reader Dr. P Selvaraj who said,

Dear Leepsa,
I read your poem "Your Love My Love Our Love" with interest. You placed the contrasts so well . I think for first time, I have come across this type of poetry. Of 19 pairs in poem, i like YOUR ANGEL, MY SOUL the best. Keep it up N. M. Leepsa

Thank you so much Dr. P Selvaraj for your kind words.
Thanks for the heart from which the thoughts for the poem came.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Special

We know when your love is around us, 
We do not look at calenders for specific dates to celebrate love. 
Each day is a wonderful day with so many sweet loving moments. 
Each single day we share joy and happiness.
We may not gift roses, chocolates, teddies 
As life becomes a gift by itself. 
Each day we make promises with each other.
We hug our loved one to accept each other. 
We kiss our beloved to rekindle our loving relationship. 

Still we know Valentine Day is approaching....

Many plans we make to celebrate the valentine week. 
In this wonderful occasion
I have something to share with you

I am on collecting various real life love stories
For my next book
You wanna be part of the book?
Want to be a character?
Share me your love stories at
or at

By recording in a audio form
or through a ms word 
with your contact details

And if your story will be included in my book
Get ready to get my signed copy of the book
That contains your story.

Note: Post your comments for any clarification and suggestions

Disclaimer: The announcement made in the blog has been prepared solely for the purpose of receiving information from people of different walks of life, about their love stories for author's upcoming book. The decision depends on the author to select the stories and  is not in any way binding on people who share their story, that their story will be accepted. The stories will be compiled in good faith and the identity of respondents will not be disclosed without their prior permission. By sending your stories, you agree that your story will be used for publication of the author's book and the author will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the information you shared for the book.The author may also use it's own imagination to improve the story.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The grave of sorrows is in this heart
The death of trust that made life miserable
Every day died the dreams and hopes
Taking away the breathe of this soul
Love was buried under the lies
The ashes of the body of faith
Were thrown into the river of tears
The soul lived in hell in pain
In the wish of heaven
In the cycle of birth and death
This heart died hundred deaths
In every single moment
In every single day
Each morning went by burning
The carcass of dishonesty
The corpse of beliefs
And when the heart reborn
It suffered the pains of past life
A life without life
A heart without beats
A punishment without sins
An awful memory carried till death
All these sufferings as the treasure of love
All these anguish as life is without love
Keep a red flower in my grave
A ray of hope to meet you in next birth
N. M. Leepsa
The poem is from the book SHADES OF LOVE AND LIFE
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29th August 2011

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