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THE GRAVE OF MY LOVE The grave of sorrows is in this heart The death of trust that made life miserable Every day died the dreams and hopes Taking away the breathe of this soul Love was buried under the lies The ashes of the body of faith Were thrown into the river of tears The soul lived in hell in pain In the wish of heaven In the cycle of birth and death This heart died hundred deaths In every single moment In every single day Each morning went by burning The carcass of dishonesty The corpse of beliefs And when the heart reborn It suffered the pains of past life A life without life A heart without beats A punishment without sins An awful memory carried till death All these sufferings as the treasure of love All these anguish as life is without love Keep a red flower in my grave A ray of hope to meet you in next birth N. M. Leepsa The poem is from the book SHADES OF LOVE AND LIFE HIT a LIKE