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Duet Poem Book Series: Submission Call

Duet Poem Book Series: Submission Call With the successful completion of my first duet poetry book “Mellifluous”- The Threads of Poetry- Volume-I. I am making an attempt for the publication of the more volumes of duet poetry book-The Threads of Poetry- Volume II to Volume IV. It would be in the form of collection of poems from poets like you and me had done in case of mellifluous. If you are a poem lover, a poet like me who are interested in sharing their emotions through poems and want to share it to the outer world, you may send me your interest for the book. The poets whose publication would be accepted would have the opportunity to see their work published in the form of a poetry book in our book series.  I will do my best to publish it. For Volume II-Seasons  “The spring, the summer, the chilling autumn, angry winter changes their wonted liveries”- William Shakespeare. The theme of the book is on “SEASONS”. So, show to the world the creative side of your mind