Duet Poem Book Series: Submission Call

Duet Poem Book Series: Submission Call

With the successful completion of my first duet poetry book “Mellifluous”- The Threads of Poetry- Volume-I. I am making an attempt for the publication of the more volumes of duet poetry book-The Threads of Poetry- Volume II to Volume IV.

It would be in the form of collection of poems from poets like you and me had done in case of mellifluous. If you are a poem lover, a poet like me who are interested in sharing their emotions through poems and want to share it to the outer world, you may send me your interest for the book. The poets whose publication would be accepted would have the opportunity to see their work published in the form of a poetry book in our book series.  I will do my best to publish it.

For Volume II-Seasons
 “The spring, the summer, the chilling autumn, angry winter changes their wonted liveries”- William Shakespeare. The theme of the book is on “SEASONS”. So, show to the world the creative side of your mind on any of the seasons of the year through the poems. Your poems can be on any aspect of the six seasons- spring, summer, monsoon/rainy, autumn, winter, fall. It could your thoughts about a special person in specific season, it could be your feelings on the arrival of a specific season, or it could be memories during any season, or love of nature.

Apart from the volume II-“Season” there are other themes for the different books in the series. Let’s write duet poem in all the following themes for the series:

The Threads of Poetry
Volume II
The Seasons Songs: A Symphony of Poetry (Season Special)
20th August 2017
Volume III
Theme- New Year
(January Special)
30th August 2017
Volume IV
Valentine Special
(Valentine Week-7th -14th February), (February Special)
31st August 2017
Volume V
(21st March world poetry day), March Special)
5th September 2017
Volume VI
April Fool
(April Special)
10th September 2017
Volume VII
Mother (Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May), (May Special)

15th September 2017
Volume VIII
Father (Father’s Day is celebrated in India on Third Sunday of June), (June Special)
30th September 2017
Volume IX
Lord Jagannatha (Puri Ratha Yatra), (July Special)
5th October 2017
Volume X
Freedom/ Freedom Fighters/ Patriotism
(august 15 India’ Independence Day) (August Special)
10th October 2017
Volume XI
Teacher/guru (September 5th teacher’s day), (September Special)
15th October 2017
Volume XII
Volume XII (DUET POEM) Theme- Any Indian Mythology Characters (we celebrate Durga puja, Diwali, Dussehra during this time) (October Special)
20th October 2017
Volume XIII
Children (because Children's day on 14th November) (November Special)

25th October 2017
Volume XIV
Christmas/ Secret Santa (25th December Christmas) (December Special)

30th October 2017

Author Guidelines:

· Open to poets (above 18 years of age) from all over the world.
· Maximum of two poems per person for duet with me for each theme
· Line Limit: 20 lines (10 lines by Leepsa-10 lines by co-author)
· No restrictions on poetic style or form
· Write your full name, address, email and age and short biography (100 words)
· Send your passport size photograph  
. Deadline: Mentioned in the Table above for different themes


You can email your theme and poems lines at leepsa.writer@gmail.com or send to my inbox at my fb. Write ‘Submission for: Volume No & Theme Name' in the subject line of email.
·All entries must be send by world file or google document

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please forward this email to your friends and contacts. 

Thanks for your kindness and well wishes~ Love to you and dear ones all.


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