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Because I love you Maa



  A WONDERFUL SIGHT I took wing from an angel to go to the woods When I walk into it, I got a glimpse of you, O Lord Because I felt it was a dream while I am sleeping I cannot believe what my eyes saw A wonderful sight in the woods When your hands with blessings for me I could see light in the dark deep forest The light from the lantern turned gloomy before your light Your glory enlightened the earth A wonderful sight on the earth Like the birds flying in the air toward you I want to fly above the earth towards the heaven My heart feels there is life to this lifeless land as you came My heart dance with joy to see you, my kind Lord A wonderful sight in the heart I always believed your existence is true You are everywhere where my eyes can’t see You are in my thoughts, in my words, actions I feel the thrill of that experience to be near you A wonderful sight in my dreams So I bent on my knees and bow before you Keep your blessings on me like this I wish to worship you till my last breat