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Oh suppressed smile boy

Oh suppressed smile boy Where are you? Are you lost out of this world? Are you lost in the world of imagination? Are you lost in any beautiful eyes? Are you lost in her dreams? Are you lost in the world of love? We cannot find you here Then forgive her beauty That made you lost out of the real world Then forgive her heart That also had fallen in love with you Then forgive her mind That cannot stop thinking about you Then forgive her eyes That dreams of you day and night Then forgive her lips That smile when you call her name so softly Then forgive her ears That waits so eagerly just to listen few words from you Then forgive her hands That wants to hold your hand in all walks of life Then forgive her feet That goes out of dwelling to have a glance of you Then forgive her age That commands her to steal your heart So if you are lost in her And she is lost in you too Then express you truly love her The way she love you -N.M.Leepsa August 25, 2010