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Every day is Valentine’s Day

Every day is Valentine’s Day N. M. Leepsa Oh, My Love, My Darling, My Sweet Boy Since you and I are together in this year This Valentine’s day brings overwhelming Joy My cute honey bear Oh, you're Mr. Perfect (my Mr. Right) You're the Prince Charming (my Prince) You're the Dream Merchant (my Romeo) In my fairy tale And when you love me I can't stop myself to love you more I can't happier than staying in your heart This the best chapter of my life Oh, you're Honey-Bun (my Love Muffin) You're the Hot Chocolate (my Handsome Man) You're the Fluffer Nutter (my Funny Hunny) And in my heart I have listed many names to call you sweetly I love you very much, my Angel, my Knight, my Everything “To love you and to be loved by you” is only thing I want My world, My sunshine, my dear adorable Valentine Every day is Valentine’s Day with your love for me in your heart Every day is Valentine’s Day with your faith that you have on