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faculty Interview questions by panel members-Institute II

1. What do you mean by Empirical Study? How your study is an empirical study? 2. What do you mean by the exploratory study? Is your study exploratory study? 3. Have you read research methodology? What is the difference between empirical study and exploratory study? 4. What is a risk? How it is measured? How it can be quantified? Suppose I purchase a government securities bond for 10 years, is it a risky asset?  Suppose I bought an asset with 10-12% of return, is it a risky asset? 5. What is a derivative instrument? 6. What was the basic reason of Lehman brother’s bankruptcy? Lehman brother a real estate sector? 7. What is the difference between NPV, IRR, ERR? Have you done exercise during your on these terms? Explain with such examples. 8. What is the basic definition of management? What are the features of management? As you are going to teach in a management institute, what you will manage? Do you manage space, Do you manage money? Do you manage material? Is mon