faculty Interview questions by panel members-Institute II

1. What do you mean by Empirical Study? How your study is an empirical study?
2. What do you mean by the exploratory study? Is your study exploratory study?
3. Have you read research methodology? What is the difference between empirical study and exploratory study?
4. What is a risk? How it is measured? How it can be quantified? Suppose I purchase a government securities bond for 10 years, is it a risky asset?  Suppose I bought an asset with 10-12% of return, is it a risky asset?
5. What is a derivative instrument?
6. What was the basic reason of Lehman brother’s bankruptcy? Lehman brother a real estate sector?
7. What is the difference between NPV, IRR, ERR? Have you done exercise during your M.com on these terms? Explain with such examples.
8. What is the basic definition of management? What are the features of management? As you are going to teach in a management institute, what you will manage? Do you manage space, Do you manage money? Do you manage material? Is money man or material?
9. What are toxic products? It is related to the banking crisis?
10.Which subjects are you going to teach or you are comfortable of? You have mentioned in your online application about entrepreneurship, behavioral science, financial institution and markets, project appraisal? Can you teach these subjects?
11. You have mentioned about the subjects like merger and acquisition, prowess database, economic models? Are you comfortable in these subjects?
12. What are basic assumptions of the linear regression model?
13. What are the features of noise or the random variable? What happens if there the random variable is not independent of the explanatory variables?
14. What is an independent variable? How to test that your variables are independent variables?
15. What are the effects if two or more variables are not independent but are collated in nature?
16. What if there is no equal variable among the random variable?
17. Which software packages have been used by you during the Ph.D.? Which tools you have used for this software? What tests you conducted using SPSS and GRETL?
18. What is the difference between logistic regression and linear regression?
19. Why you have used logit model not Probit model?
20. What subjects you have learned during your Ph.D. coursework and post-graduation?
21. From all the subjects from commerce, you have comfortable at finance?
22. Do you know Shiv Khera? Do you know Stephen Collins? Which books they have written on management? Read the books “Things of wonder?
23. How and in which subjects you will guide your Ph.D. student if you will be given? If we deny that we won’t allow you to guide the student in M&A, Apart from merger and acquisition, which subjects you can guide? Please explain in detail? Please explain how you will guide on corporate finance, financial integration, and markets? Which area you will teach and how you will do the same?
24. You have mentioned that you have taught in cost accounting? What are the subjects you have taught? What are the new methods of costing? Job costing, process costing is an old one, so how you will do costing?  Have you heard about the XYZ costing?
25. Suppose you are going to evaluate the cost of the tubes and lights? What new methods of costing will be adopted by you to evaluate its price? Prime cost labor cost and raw material cost, demand supply of materials are the old way of doing costing? Are they now adopted in the management of companies? Have you not done any problems and practical on this type of cost?
26. What was the outcome of your Ph.D. work? Now how your findings will help to the managers of the company?
27. Do you have data on EVA companies gone for M&A and EVA companies not gone for M&A? Can you those companies and their performance?
28. How you have created the index? Why principal component analysis has been used?
29. CMIE prowess database is not the reliable source of database. The data it shows are mostly misleading. Then why you have used them? We consider that data from RBI reports and other government sources are more reliable? So how can you say that your data are more reliable and your findings are more reliable? Why you have used CMIE prowess database?
30. Why you have not mentioned about the database?
31.  What is principal component analysis? Suppose there are lot numbers of variables how you can reduce them by principal component analysis? We are not talking about the factors but variables?
32.What is Basel 1, Basel II, Basel III? What is its significance?


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