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The Power of Thought - The Magic of Mind

"Do not under estimate the Power of Thoughts.
Just as water has the power to shift and mold earths landscape,
your thoughts have the power to shift and mold the landscape of your life"
-Chuck Danes One of my friend and me were travelling by train with lots of talks starting from the usage of mobile by youth to tourist places in Orissa. Somehow we come across on topic of the most powerful thing we have with us- “power of thought”. Just like the power of the sun to light the earth your thought has the power to enlighten your life. Just like the waves of the ocean have the power to take everything into her womb, the thought has the power to take away all impediments of life. Just like the power of the earth among other planets for the survival of living organism, the power of thought can create miracles in our lives. Just like the power of the air that comes in form of cyclones that destroys life, the power of thought can also be destructive. “All that we are is the result of thou…

A New Year …. A New Hope

A new sun to make a fresh day A new year to make a beginning today A new smile for all in our pray A new hope in our life to play A new path to move without delay A new heart where love for all need to stay
The New Year comes with all happiness, hopes, and aspirations. We make plans to go greet our friends, meet our relatives, go picnic, cut cakes, dance, merry making and many more things. We feel more energetic and positive. We all plan to make resolutions which we could not do in the previous year. Some of us make resolutions for growth in career while some make resolutions for personal life happiness. I remember of my school teacher’s word who has once said that- “We are in this beautiful earth. We pray for ourselves every time but forget the mother earth and forget the children of this earth. So in the eve of the New Year, let one of you from heart pray to the almighty divine to enlighten the earth where our sins are forgiven and we never make a sin; where we are away from greed (Lobha)…

The Best Wishes for You


Cant you know i feel the same as you feel

Cant youhear my silenceCant youunderstand my heartCant you see my tearsCant you see i stop my smileCant you know i feel happy with your presenceCant you  observe the shyness Cant you feel i hide my love for youCant you differentiate the secretsCant you read my gesturesCant you know i need your armsCant you see my eyes looking for youCant you know i m so lonelyCant you feel i waiting for youCant you know i feel the same as you feel