The Power of Thought - The Magic of Mind

"Do not under estimate the Power of Thoughts.
Just as water has the power to shift and mold earths landscape,
your thoughts have the power to shift and mold the landscape of your life"
-Chuck Danes
One of my friend and me were travelling by train with lots of talks starting from the usage of mobile by youth to tourist places in Orissa. Somehow we come across on topic of the most powerful thing we have with us- “power of thought”. Just like the power of the sun to light the earth your thought has the power to enlighten your life. Just like the waves of the ocean have the power to take everything into her womb, the thought has the power to take away all impediments of life. Just like the power of the earth among other planets for the survival of living organism, the power of thought can create miracles in our lives. Just like the power of the air that comes in form of cyclones that destroys life, the power of thought can also be destructive. “All that we are is the result of thought” says Buddha.
Many times our wishes get fulfilled when we wish for it and become so happy. Many times it doesn’t. But have we ever given a second thought on it. Just go back to your history and think of particular thing that you wished and it has been fulfilled, does not matter when - early or late. If you do so, you may nod your head to say yes. My friend said that it is the power of thought. First of all I denied saying, if such would have happen then I would have been the happiest person of the world. But slowly and slowly when I analyzed the situations in the past, I could feel that whatever I thought of getting I have got it. It may have come late to me when I may not be in need of that thing, but I have got whatever I wished. I always used to think; as my name means I am the princess of wishes all my wishes get fulfilled. But it’s not that, it’s the power of thought that works out for our wishes to come true. Even though, I have not experimented it, but something in my subconscious mind have stored such incidents where even a small wish of mine have been fulfilled. I always considered it as a spiritual power, the power of divine that acts on our wishes. I was always obliged to the almighty God who has removed all hurdles of life. When my friend said that it the power of our mind that drives some kind of unseen energy, some inner desire that acts as a magnet to fulfill the thing we desired for. Both of us closed our eyes for some minutes and we recalled such incidents, then we shared with each other. Then we thought to experiment it. Some of the things had happened in that journey that were little impossible to happen.  
The best example is the blessings of parents, teachers or elders that they bestow upon us from the core of their heart, the best wishes of friends that help us to move ahead of life without any hurdles. Sometimes the words “long live” from the mouth of elders make us live longer life. Even curses are a power of thought but acting harmfully on us. Personally I feel, we may go high and high with our talent, intelligence, hard work but it’s the blessings of our elders, someone’s best wishes that act as a power to reach the crown. I read lot of articles on it and found many interesting things similar to what both of us discussed. Scientist use the term “quantum physics” for the knowing power of thoughts. It is the power of thought that brought many inventions- the thought of Wright Brothers to see a flying machine in air and give us airplane, the thought of Thomas Alva Edison to see a burning light to give us electric lamp. It is the power of thought that made Savitri to bring back Satyavan from the death. It is the power of thought that creates and that destroys anything and everything we thought of.
It is the quality of our thought, our intentions, our way of looking things or situations and way of looking the different facets of life that frames the quality of our body, our mind and our life. It is truly said that “hell or heaven –thinking makes so”. If we think positive, good things will come to us and if we think negative then harmful incidents will happen in our life. It’s true, even I have realized it. Sometimes when I feel I cannot do something, then my whole work gets spoiled even if I had put all my labour in it. And sometimes even with less diligence, our work goes smooth and we feel happy as previously we have thought of doing that particular activity well.  It is now in our hands what we want to be happy or unhappy, successful or unsuccessful, loved or hated, peace or puzzled. It is rightly said that, “As a man thinketh, so he is. Man is created by thought; what a man thinks upon, that he becomes." Think you are strong; strong you become. Think you are weak; the weak you become. Think you are a fool; fool you become. Think you are God; God you become. A man forms his own character, becoming that which he thinks. If you meditate on courage, you shall work courage into your character. If you think nobly, you shall gradually make for yourself a noble character, but if you think basely, a base character will be formed. Steady persevering thought sets up a definite habit of the mind and that habit manifests itself as a quality in the character. The thread of thought is woven into mental and moral qualities and these qualities in their totality form what we call character. You can build your character as surely as a mason can build a wall, working with and through the law”. It is because what we will think, we will act in that direction and the outcome of each thing that happens to us is what we think of.  So, never think bad for yourself and other, who knows your desire may be so strong that it may happen and have negative influence in your life. There goes a saying “A good thought is thrice blessed. First, it benefits the thinker by improving his mental body. Secondly, it benefits the person about whom it is entertained. Lastly, it benefits all mankind by improving the general mental atmosphere. An evil thought, on the contrary, is thrice cursed. First, it harms the thinker by doing injury to his mental body. Secondly, it harms the person who is its object. Lastly, it harms all mankind by vitiating the whole mental atmosphere”. So we need to learn to shape our thoughts constructively. We can be the creator of our destiny. We can create our reality, our fate lines as per our wishes, as per our mind, as per our thought. As said by James Allen “we are today where our thoughts have brought us and we will be tomorrow where our thoughts will take us”.
Think before you THINK something…
31st January 2011


  1. Amazingly you have tapped the most overlooked aspect in our life. Mind and the thought process can be aptly compared with a double edged sword. Its the speed of mind which has been described as the fastest and most potent medium of travel in the Vedas. Its the mind and its ability to think consciously that differentiate man for animals.
    However the old system of gaining control over mind was the first thing that was taught to students of Vedic Gurukul. Mind is considered as a tool which has to be controlled and utilised to attain knowledge consciously. The process is called as witnessing of mind or "sakshi bhaba". Better explained as considering yourself as a separate entity from the mind and as a witness, observing what the mind does and thinks. Gradually the mind comes to a rest from its usual unrest-full stride and can be used at one's will to achieve knowledge. This is the beginning of all forms of Meditation and Sadhana.

    Coming to your writing skills, this particular article was music to the ears. You have very pleasantly expressed your thoughts and the subject is of a higher taste without doubt. May your writing prowess attain greater heights.


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