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faculty Interview questions by panel members-Institute II

1. What do you mean by Empirical Study? How your study is an empirical study? 2. What do you mean by the exploratory study? Is your study exploratory study? 3. Have you read research methodology? What is the difference between empirical study and exploratory study? 4. What is a risk? How it is measured? How it can be quantified? Suppose I purchase a government securities bond for 10 years, is it a risky asset?  Suppose I bought an asset with 10-12% of return, is it a risky asset? 5. What is a derivative instrument? 6. What was the basic reason of Lehman brother’s bankruptcy? Lehman brother a real estate sector? 7. What is the difference between NPV, IRR, ERR? Have you done exercise during your on these terms? Explain with such examples. 8. What is the basic definition of management? What are the features of management? As you are going to teach in a management institute, what you will manage? Do you manage space, Do you manage money? Do you manage material? Is money man or mate…

I die, your death, Certainly not, pass away our love

I die, your death, Certainly not, pass away our love

You took it away in the last meet Growing pain and my heartbeat I have lost my feelings, my inner heat Shocked, why does history repeat?
Has life lost its true meaning? At one time innocent, next cunning What? I am now thinking Let you decide this evening
No one to hold me in arms Lost my beauty lost my charms Light is cold, and light is warm To hold me tight stretch your arm
What you would do with my soul If only love is to play the main role And striving to be again whole Stolen in time as reaching my goal
I think that I am dead City of funeral you made Where its pieces to spread? In slums of despair widespread
It’s my beauty that I own

For me and my soul, You are my manuscript

For me and my soul, You are my manuscript.

Each of us titled towards each other The love is thing that brings us closer
The heart of both has held on us With no deals of profit or loss

Compassion, empathy, two jewels In our heart the soul warmly spells
That our heart hears cry every day To find for each other a freeway
The world does not really matter I am happy that I met with her
What matters is how we feel for each other? Luck line on her hand or her hair’s flower
Love certainly does exist My heart, mind, and soul insist
Between both of us, somewhere unseen I am king for she is the ‘only’ queen
Let us nurture this emotion To win or rule each other’s realm
Both of us needed to walk Hands on her waist and talk

Tears, What You Want to Reveal?

Tears, What You Want to Reveal?
Tears, what you want to reveal? Show yourself to my soul to heal
I don't understand Or even comprehend
People always misunderstand When they see you first hand?
Is it revealing my mistake? My sympathy to my own to awake
Is it revealing my pain? Or gaining strength to sustain
Is it revealing my weakness? That, later I would confess
Is it revealing my fear? Or do something to keep clear
Is it a sign of relief? That I could remain true in my belief
Is it a self-respect? When I am deep-rooted in deep deject
Is it unprofessionalism or an emotional bond? Or it is a soul I found emotionally honed
I don't know what it is

Walking with Daddy

Walking with Daddy
Daddy walking ahead
with his huge steps,
I cannot catch up with him,
my tiny feet run and leap
but I fall short and then
I free my hand.

I run away and farther,
away from papa,
away to freedom,
away towards the sun.
But the sun sets,
it gets dark,
alone and tired of running,
I cry.

I need you now daddy, give me the comfort of your hand,
carry me now,
over your shoulders,
I am so tired.

Put me on  your lap daddy,
sing me a lullaby, let me chatter in my tongue,
is it foreign?
I want to be heard and
I long to hear your voice.
Cradle me to sleep now
so that I can wake up
the next morning find my feet in sync with yours.
Got the copy of resonance. my poems was published ... walking with my daddy Copyright Leepsa


The art of true happiness lies In wiping people’s cries Giving food to the hungry human And cloth to the bare women Making the whole world as your family Spreading love and brotherhood daily Spending life in the service of old men Devoting time to educating poor children Contributing money for whom it is a hindrance Also through sharing talent and experience Donating blood and giving life Forgetting envy and past strife Celebrating all religion festival together Sharing sweets with one another Donating eyes to the blind Merciful to creatures of all kind In taking away other’s pain and suffering And bringing smile through your caring Loving and helping others is the real virtue Complete inner fulfillment will pursue Real happiness is neither in glittering gold Nor is fame where character is sold Either not lies in the certificates or degrees Or in power where humanity buries Get place in someone’s heart’s corner True happiness will come to honor So that you will live even after you die When remembering you peopl…


The paradox of love, odium, and the faith where the strength lie Have made a quest for love and life, among the clouds in the sunset sky My love unreturned, unwanted, uncared in a saga of trust and faith Where my eyes search some peace, lips some smile and heart some breathe In the midst of noise, restlessness, in arms of anger and pain Amongst the crowd of sun, moon, stars but with the touch of silence again I search myself and the love within that made my soul hungry, homeless, naked Suffering from greatest poverty not from gold but from the heart where love has fade I kept myself alive from closest care of the tree, its branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit I kept putting oil till midnight to let the lamp of love keep burning But the wind of lust for money had to take my blood, the worst revenge The kingdom of loneliness made me the queen with broken fears In the island surrounded by the ocean of sorrow, suffering, and tears He aborted the trust that grew somewhere inside me That killed not only …