The art of true happiness lies
In wiping people’s cries
Giving food to the hungry human
And cloth to the bare women
Making the whole world as your family
Spreading love and brotherhood daily
Spending life in the service of old men
Devoting time to educating poor children
Contributing money for whom it is a hindrance
Also through sharing talent and experience
Donating blood and giving life
Forgetting envy and past strife
Celebrating all religion festival together
Sharing sweets with one another
Donating eyes to the blind
Merciful to creatures of all kind
In taking away other’s pain and suffering
And bringing smile through your caring
Loving and helping others is the real virtue
Complete inner fulfillment will pursue
Real happiness is neither in glittering gold
Nor is fame where character is sold
Either not lies in the certificates or degrees
Or in power where humanity buries
Get place in someone’s heart’s corner
True happiness will come to honor
So that you will live even after you die
When remembering you people will cry

Image result for Metaphor magazine, 2014 -Issue-II leepsa

Image result for Metaphor magazine, 2014 -Issue-II leepsa
Poet N.M. Leepsa, Published on June 14, 2014, Metaphor magazine, 2014 -Issue-II


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