The paradox of love, odium, and the faith where the strength lie
Have made a quest for love and life, among the clouds in the sunset sky
My love unreturned, unwanted, uncared in a saga of trust and faith
Where my eyes search some peace, lips some smile and heart some breathe
In the midst of noise, restlessness, in arms of anger and pain
Amongst the crowd of sun, moon, stars but with the touch of silence again
I search myself and the love within that made my soul hungry, homeless, naked
Suffering from greatest poverty not from gold but from the heart where love has fade
I kept myself alive from closest care of the tree, its branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit
I kept putting oil till midnight to let the lamp of love keep burning
But the wind of lust for money had to take my blood, the worst revenge
The kingdom of loneliness made me the queen with broken fears
In the island surrounded by the ocean of sorrow, suffering, and tears
He aborted the trust that grew somewhere inside me
That killed not only the faith but destroyed the truth sea
The words you spoke was sweet fruit I thought
You made it rotten with artifice, deceit, dishonesty that you brought
With the darkness of treachery or lies you kept at all times all season
That I measured with my hearts beats with just one reason
The reason is the hunger for your love and thirst for your soul
The virgin heart that neither loved nor allowed any man in her heart to rule
You cut my nerves with your silent ruthless knife and deepest wounds you gave
Took away my dreams, happiness, feelings, emotions that I have to save
Now I pray to lord my almighty divine, to protect me from your lies
Your shelter with the roof of a strong heart of mine
I fold my hands wish to wake up in morning dew
Where I am born from the womb of grace as a child new
Though yearning for love but not from the unkind heart
Love from the needy world where I can play my part
Those cut from the blades of hunger, cloth, and home
And slaughtered every moment in the name of age, disease, and storm
In this world of cruel and kind, in this age of lie and truth

Let my love for them be an endless journey and a selfless path

Poet N.M. Leepsa, Published on June 14, 2014, Metaphor magazine, 2014 -Issue-II


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