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A Small Token of Love to My Dear Teacher

The water, streams, lakes, oceans could not quench the thirst for your blessings   Your blessings made the dreams as the days of happiness Your blessings are the eliminator of my nights of sorrows For you I am walking towards my life with some ambitions You taught me to face the brightness of the scorching sun of life You taught me to remain polite like cool moon under different shadows of life You taught me to welcome the smiling spring and the chilled winter in same way You are the one who taught me theories of books You are the one who taught me the theories of life Who else can love me so much as you have loved me? Who else will miss me in every occasion of enjoyment and happiness? Who else think of my well being every day? Who else can read my heart by reading my face? Who else can understand my sufferings and inner pain? Who else can wipe out my tears by his healing words? Who else get really happy with my awards and achievements? Who else will listen my feeling and emotions wit