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Save Me to Save You

I am Life. You may call me Power, Energy, water, fuel . If I am with all life becomes heaven, if i am not present then life becomes hell. Well , people can see hell before their death.  Few things I don't  understand about human. They know I am important, but still, when it comes to their own life, they misuse me. They forward mails, share in facebook and other social networking sites , debate on me , write essays on me and on my importance, but they themselves don't use me rationally. Since I exist in different names, I see myself being destroyed by them, I could not say them anything. But if my tolerance level finish, I will show my value and then that time, nothing can help.  In morning i see , they open the tap while brushing their teeth and they run the tap. I flow and then I am lost. They dont relaise that myself , water is essential and pure water is so much nessary for their life. If I wont exist, then, they will fall ill to be completed.......

Jaanu meri Jaan

Kabhi han men bhi na hoti hai Kabhi na men bhi han hoti hai Dil jab chahe kisiko apnana Har dard tab manjoor hota hai Kuch muskurahat tere naam se hoti hai Kuch ansoon tere liye hote hai Kaun si  tarike ya salikhe se apna banaye apko Jab saare raste apse dur hote hai Pyar bhi hum karte hai  Khush bhi hum hote hai Tum se dur rehena ki baat karke  Khudse hi shikayat bhi hum karte rehete hai Itne hum kyun mazboor hote hai Dil ki baat dimag se salah kyun lete hai Jinko dil men rakhna hai hardam Unhe pyar ke jagah takleef kyun dete hai N.M.Leepsa 2nd October 2012