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Over the years I have stolen millions of hearts writing about love I enticed my audiences with my elegant looks Freely flying very high on the sky I aimed to reach those fascinating stars And they saw me shinning like a star They saw my external beauty Let me show them my internal struggles From childhood days to days of wisdom The tough times and the days of fame When I always reinvented myself And sustaining the harsh winds striking against me My life experiences are deep and intense The wounds in my heart are deeper than your look Wrapped in a strong smoke of secrets No one knew I crave for love my entire life True love that I deserve, the love I write about They see me as a loner as I fly alone But did anyone dare to reach the sky? I have fallen down a thousand times over But I stood up myself stronger than ever before I survived many storms that fine-tuned me to write better I am natural, spontaneous, resilient and bold With dark-skinned feathers that holds strength A paradigm of