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Time...The Precious Gift

One we were asked in a class what is the most important/precious gift we can give the person we loved. The whole class gave various answers-someone very serious, someone funny. Some said diamond ring, some said cards, some said flowers and a answer came from back "MYSELF". Then the teacher asked to re define the term and I replied TIME. That time for the sake of answering philosophically i asked the question and i never knew the the value of it. It was because i was only giving time to myself for my studies and there is nothing wrong   in it as it is expected from a student to give more for studies. our teachers expect the same and our parents too. Time passed on and after five years when i feel myself grown up, I can now understand the value of the question that our proffessor asked and the value of answer i gave-The value of TIME

The Lines of Luck

Sometimes we say with our positive thought we can change things and get the things which we really desire. But that rarely happens. It is the lines of luck of our hand and head decides the destiny of our heart. We may get angry, we may get sad, we may do whatever we never thought we could do, but ultimate thing happen what that God has decided for us. We think why it is only me that all these things are going on, but the answer to this question lies only with God who never answers but silently do his Job. We may think that everything is going wrong with us, but may be the right time has not come to get the right things. Sometimes we may think and say everything that would bring peace to our mind and heart but its only we pretend and pretend. But we are human we cannot do anything against his wishes. we may not be happy with his decisions but still we believe him and if we believe him , then we should also believe in his decisions, may be he must have thought for us what we really deser