The Lines of Luck

Sometimes we say with our positive thought we can change things and get the things which we really desire. But that rarely happens. It is the lines of luck of our hand and head decides the destiny of our heart. We may get angry, we may get sad, we may do whatever we never thought we could do, but ultimate thing happen what that God has decided for us. We think why it is only me that all these things are going on, but the answer to this question lies only with God who never answers but silently do his Job. We may think that everything is going wrong with us, but may be the right time has not come to get the right things. Sometimes we may think and say everything that would bring peace to our mind and heart but its only we pretend and pretend. But we are human we cannot do anything against his wishes. we may not be happy with his decisions but still we believe him and if we believe him , then we should also believe in his decisions, may be he must have thought for us what we really deserve something better than what we expect. In this hope whole life goes in search of that happiness . One thing we can do is always accept everything what comes to your life-love, hatefulness, success, failure, acceptance, rejection,pain , pressure, birth, death, childhood , old age , praise, criticism. Do not care about what has happened to your life either good or bad,just move on with happiness. The same things, thoughts that tortures you wont able able to tough you if you don't give value to them. It is not easy , but if we try then it is not difficult also. It is only our heart and mind that forces us to be upset and sad during the bad times -stay sad with full of tears. But if we can convince our heart and mind that we have the right to laugh and live then sorrow will never be the shadow of our life. We will lose the moments of happiness that we spend for sorrow, this what we need to say ourselves. Some people may like you, some people may hate you, but there is nothing to be worried about it. We must have also perceive some people bad for their behaviour and also good for their behaviour, but later on we may have changed our perception. If situations changes our way of talking, behaving , and way of reacting, then the same may also have been the reason for any particular behaviour. Here again we should try to ignore it. Just our our perception changes for people , one day their perception would also change. So if anyone thinks negative of you, then you don't start thinking negative of the person, rather forget. The most important thing is don't complain about anyone not to others and also not to yourself. The worst thing happens , people instead of solving the problem , they add fire to the fuel and change your mind. Just listen yourself. Be yorself. You are not other. so dont handle people like others do. Just do like the way you can best handle the situation, in your own way, so that when you are out of tract then you can move ahead with your own decision. people wont be with you always, they may move with you for some distance but not till your destination. So learn to be yourself. Learn to be happy.Learn to make people happy. Love all, behave nicely with all even if they hurt you.And most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF. The lines of luck will be with you if you value yourself and love yourself. But this love should not so much to turn it to selfishness. It is only respect for yourself. You are worthy more than any suffering and pain, more than any people who tortures you. So feel the value of your presence and value of your parents who made your existence in this earth. Just move on and don't think much. Let the things happen and let it go in its own way. The next day means one day less in your life. Just live this life for your self and for those who really cares for you and loves you. Why to cry for those who don't see your tears, who didn't know that you are sad, who do not bother to stop you crying. why to waste time on them . Think of the people who needs you and help them out. The best feeling comes when someone smiles with your help. The happiness comes when someone cries for their happiness showing their love for you through their tears. Live for them. No one friend forever and no one enemy forever. someone comes and then someone goes. Its the rule of nature, its the rule of life. Just the sweet moments we remember and cherish in our heart. We remember the school days with our friends, we remember the childhood under the parents , we remember the love of our teachers and affection of our siblings, we remember the moments of closeness, the moments to speechless talks, we remember rains, we remember everything good done to us. Be good to others so that even if they are away from you, even if they are not the part of your life now, but still when they remember you, they remember you with a smile.  Lines of luck are nothing but the lines drawn to remind you the direction of life that starts and ends with how to see life. Lucky and unlucky stars is your own action and only your action.


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