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The art of true happiness lies In wiping people’s cries Giving food to the hungry human And cloth to the bare women Making the whole world as your family Spreading love and brotherhood daily Spending life in the service of old men Devoting time to educating poor children Contributing money for whom it is a hindrance Also through sharing talent and experience Donating blood and giving life Forgetting envy and past strife Celebrating all religion festival together Sharing sweets with one another Donating eyes to the blind Merciful to creatures of all kind In taking away other’s pain and suffering And bringing smile through your caring Loving and helping others is the real virtue Complete inner fulfillment will pursue Real happiness is neither in glittering gold Nor is fame where character is sold Either not lies in the certificates or degrees Or in power where humanity buries Get place in someone’s heart’s corner True happiness will come to honor So that you will live even after you die When remembering you peopl…


The paradox of love, odium, and the faith where the strength lie Have made a quest for love and life, among the clouds in the sunset sky My love unreturned, unwanted, uncared in a saga of trust and faith Where my eyes search some peace, lips some smile and heart some breathe In the midst of noise, restlessness, in arms of anger and pain Amongst the crowd of sun, moon, stars but with the touch of silence again I search myself and the love within that made my soul hungry, homeless, naked Suffering from greatest poverty not from gold but from the heart where love has fade I kept myself alive from closest care of the tree, its branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit I kept putting oil till midnight to let the lamp of love keep burning But the wind of lust for money had to take my blood, the worst revenge The kingdom of loneliness made me the queen with broken fears In the island surrounded by the ocean of sorrow, suffering, and tears He aborted the trust that grew somewhere inside me That killed not only …

Everything for You

Everything for You When joy comes like breeze wind When smile stays in gate of mind All feeling flows like the river kind Love of your my heart remind
My soul sings many wishes Peace appear like God blesses Happiness touch you like angel’s kisses All for you and your success
Life too short and so long my desire To do everything for you with care A cheerful face in Life Empire Lively sunrise every day to acquire
My wishes so pure and my feelings so true That comes from heart like morning dew Everything you dream be it for you Sorrow and suffering if ever come be few
No friends leave you new or old They are with you in days of hot and cold A praying hand be there to hold Stay forever with or without gold
You stay as winner in hearts of million  God stay with you for truthful vision No egos or pride pull legs when you have risen Each day each moment bliss be woven
All these smiles I want to return
Deeply entrenched in your love I cry as well as smile What Love is, I wondered! -- 1--
The moment of serendipity When we meet each other Love, wonderful discovery -- 2 --
He counts my tears like stars in sky Million shining everyday For his gifted pain -- 3 --
I owe to her- for She Loves unconditional Mother, an Angel -- 4 –
Counting days and nights As he said me to wait few more days Yes or No- He will say -- 5 –
Looks, I prefer not Your heart, what I really desire I am in love with you -- 6 –
Black, the colour of skin Not the shade of your loving heart Beauty not defined -- 7 –
Smile smiling in my lips You, Reason of my happiness My Love, I ask for more -- 8 –
A new city I saw That never sleeps, day or night Awakens my eye's dreams -- 9 –

Bangle Seller Girl

Poem Title: Bangle Seller Girl
By: Dr. N. M. Leepsa
Oh beautiful girl, the  future bride
Buy those colorful bangles from me
I can see endless love for person on your side
With whom your entire life you want to be.  Our life is like a roller coaster ride
Of drops of blood, sweat, and tears
Still, we see brighter side of life with pride
Because of the customer like you who cares The heavy rain and the piles of dust
Along with clouds of storm & so tough
Buried my trade for many days in heaps of rust
You have come like new day & a ray of hope You have flawless face with best of youth
Bangles will add beauty to your naked & bare hands
I will get enough to spend from hands to mouth
And this artist toil will not go vain in sands Show your hands for those bangles that shine
Help this mother's hand, this heart  will bless
I will also go home as I have to wait for child of mine
When all will praise you again come me, come to this place
Received jury's appreciation for my poem Bangle seller …