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Problems in Research in M&A in India

This article I have written out of my own experience * The CMIE prowess database is considered most reliable database. But this database need some modifications. This do not keep data on the country of acquirer and target firm. * M&A as such is few in India compared to other countries. So performance evaluation studies specifically financial pre and post m&A is difficult since nonavailability of continuous data. *In Prowess , it is not mentioned about the method of payment of deal in detail. So whether a particular deal is  cash deal or stock deal, is difficult to know, specifically when there is combination of both the methods. we have search in individual deal in google search engine. *There is no mention if with merger, the acquirer company name exist, or target company name exist or a new name is present. It would help to know which type of merger deals are done. *There should be another section of demerger list in prowess. However, ACE database have such data. But a

Kuch aapke naam

Dedicated to a friend who left hostel after completing studies  Jane kaisa hai yeh dosti hamari Kuch adhe adhure se mulakat hamari Duriyan kabhi lagi nehi zindegi Par tum dur jane ki baat ki toh Yaad aye sal do sal ki haar baat hamari Yeh zindegi se tha jo mulakat hamari Dedicated to a friend who had recently fall in love Tu Isqh na karna Ismen lakho taklifen hain Yeh jamana bataye hame Isqh na karke jeena bhi koi jeena hai Ishe behetar hum mar jayen so baar Hum jamane ko samjhaye

Aaap se yun juda hokar

Yaseen Anwer , a friend in poetry group in facebook wrote the two lines below which touched my heart Ek Muddat ho gai hai khud se khafa hokar Kaha tum chale gai mujh se juda hokar  Then i felt to complete it and wrote my shayeri which came spontaneously from my heart you can read them below Zindegi toh ji liya apne hame bhool kar; Par aap toh zindegi the hamare , Hum jiyen kaise aaap se juda hokar Jahan rehete the aap in palko par Aab panha milgayi wahan ashkon ko Apki yaadein kahan muskarne deti hai Khafa toh men bhi hoon khud se Aaap se yun juda hokar Aap toh sayar ban gaye Muhje apki dil ki sayari bana kar Taliyon ki goonz men; logon ki bid men Aap ke din gujar gaye honge Hum toh tanha hi kate din aur raten Aap se yun juda hokar N.M.Leepsa

Yeh mukadar men kahin kho gaye

Yeh mukadar men kahin kho gaye Wo mahek tumhara jo apna banaye Wo akarsan chehera jo chahat jagaye Wo ankhon se baat sabhi Wo honson se raat kabhi Wo dil lagana mera Wo dil todna tera Wo sison ka mahal Wo kalam se gazal Wo duriyon ki tadap Wo nazdiyon ki kasak Wo pedon ki chaon Wo anjaan gaon Wo subhe ki dhoop Wo khilta hua roop Wo hardam apka satana Wo pyar se fir manana Wo  goonz  hasi ki  Wo madhosi baaton ki Wo umeed men men subhe jagna Wo khwahison men shaam katna Yeh galion men kahin rehe gaye  Yeh mukadar men kahin kho gaye Jise apna takdir banana tha Wo takdir ka naam leke dur ho gaye N.M.Leepsa 1 st November 2012 HIT a LIKE at  if you like the poem

Bash Tum....

Bash Tum... Tum jo aye, muskuraye yeh dharti asman Tum jo aye toh, yeh muskurahat yeh hasi ka silsila Kho jao na men kahin Kho jaaun na men yahan Never ever go, keep me within you Like your reflections, I can go through Tum jo pass ho, sambhalne lage hum yahan Tum jo pass ho, khilkhiyale chehera yahan Kho jao na mujhme kahin rehjao na Dhundu toh milo dil men esse rehe jao na Be with me, my love my life Hug me so that I can hug my life Tum jo sath ho, tabiyat khilne lagi Tum jo sath ho, gham sab bhulne lagi Muhje bhi tumhare sath le jao Dil ki duniya men ghar banayun, esa pyar de jao Make me your love, your destiny lines Your life partner, your dream divine Tum jo thame mere hath, sath jane ki rah khulgaye Tum jo thame mere hath, jeene ki chah milgaye Embrace my feelings and hold my hand Rule my heart, until I merge in sand N.M.Leepsa 1 st November 2012

Prowess database..basic steps to use

Prowess is the reliable database in india to get company information. I thought to share the basic steps so that it would help the beginners. I will show some basic steps that would help beginners to use the prowess for data collection. any more queries , you can post in comment, i will update the article as per your queries. step 1click on prowess database and run the program to open prowess  step-2 It would ask for username and password.  step3 The figure shows the prowess window when it open up  step 4 The option in left hand corner SELECT COMPANIES IN PRE-DEFINED SETS. help you to classify set as per your requirement. It classifies companies into non financial and financial companies. you can choose the companies as per your need. There is sub classifications of the companies in different industries too like in non and beverage industry companies. The red arrow shows the list of industries. you can click on the left si