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Life is like game of playing cards

We friends were just relaxing one day and thought to play with playing cards...Then suddenly we started talking life is just like game of playing cards. Just like the king and queen have no worth when taken individually, but when they are together they rule the roost, same way we should not have any ego how much at the top we are, because at every step of life we need someone to move ahead. Alone we cannot do anything. A student needs a teacher, a friend needs a friend, a lover needs his beloved, a child need parents love. we saw the joker one that makes us happy. Same way  some persons may stay out of your life but still makes you happy always. Then suddenly i lose a game as i could not understand the mindset of my partner. It teaches us that there should be proper communication between all the persons in our life in any relationship to win any exam of life. one of friend said" Just like we need partner in a game, we need partner in our life".  i was upset being losing, the