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Poetry Book: Songs of Soul

Songs of Soul  Paperback – 2017 by  Dr. N.M Leepsa (Author) Atul Sharma(Photographer) Swapna Behera, Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee (Preface) ABOUT THE BOOK As a poet, I want to enter Into the heart and mind of people And through my pen I want to ink their thoughts Exactly the way they feel As they could not express their expressions I want to give words to their emotions As a reader, they would say I expressed myself Through the songs of soul One late evening, I was sitting in my room, wondering how we keep treasuring our one moment to next moment. Such moments of life echoes the sentiments attached to a different relationship with different people. Today, the trend has gone from joint families to nuclear families and then nuclear ones to loners. Life is not that awful as loners because it is no longer the image of a loner as isolated individuals who could not make out friends and social relationships. Rather, life is beautiful with social lives, helpfu