I had a dream of Donald Trump last night

It is said that if you are thinking about somebody regularly or see someone daily basis, then you will dream of that person.  One of my friends dreamt about his girlfriend as he was falling in love with her. My wife had said she dreamt of me few times before marriage and once after marriage. It sounds normal in case of my friend and my wife, as they were in love and in their subconscious mind they were thinking of the person they love.  Phycologist says dreams reflect the feelings, willingness to do or not do something. Everything you dream has an interpretation. If you dream of a bird, it means you seek freedom to escape from real world pressure and stress. When women dream of fish, it reflects conception as they are pregnant. If you dream of childhood days, then it symbolizes that you want your old happy days back. I had a dream too, but It’s so funny because I feel I had no such close connection with the person I dreamt of.

I had a dream of USA president Donald Trump last night. We met at some professional trade and commerce conference. We discussed a lot on business. I am not sure about whose business. After the meeting was over, we had our dinner at White House.  Inside me, I was feeling so special at White House as the caterers serving food to me and Trump with extra care about our taste and preference. The salads, the fruit juices, the chicken, the deserts. Most importantly, it was surprising that in my dream, I didn’t have an excited feeling like meeting president Donald Trump but as a friend or business partner Trump. I felt I was also the person of similar reputation. At the end, when we were about to say goodbye, he said the next meeting will be in another country.

I woke up next day and shared the dream with my wife. Both of us laughed. She said “you never had my dream but dreamt of Donald Trump. My husband is going to be a big shot!

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