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The Seasons Songs: A Portfolio of Poetry

The Seasons Songs :  A Portfolio of Poetry Submission Call   “The spring , the summer, the chilling autumn, angry winter changes their wonted liveries ” - William Shakespeare With the successful completion of my first poetry book “Shades of Love and life”. I am making an attempt for the publication of the second poetry book. It would be in the form of an edited book with collection of poems from poets like you and me. If you are a poem lover poet like me who are interested in sharing their emotions through poems and want to share it to the outer world, you may send me your poems for the book. The theme of the book is on “SEASONS”. So show to the world the creative side of your mind on any of the seasons of the year through the poems. Your poems can be on any aspect of the six seasons- spring, summer, monsoon/ rainy , autumn, winter, fall . It could your thoughts about a special person in specific season , it could be your feelings on the arrival of a