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My Mother to Me

My Mother to Me
My mother is the best thing gifted to me A replica of love, divine on earth is she My mother is like the Seven Wonders of the World For the beauty in my life she has unfurled My mother is like a beautiful curve of the rainbow Touching my heart for the love she show My mother is like a cup of cheer for a sip of bliss Giving me her blessings through her kiss My mother is like a metaphor of Almighty God In her protective shell I cross every impossible odd My mother is like the spring, the season deity has send For her happiness my whole life I can spend My mother is like a magical paradise of waterfall Cleaning my negative thoughts to show love for all My mother is like my most intimate and lovely friend She knows when I am sad and at what time happy I pretend My mother is like the shining stars and the cosmic dust Stay far or near the only person on whom I can blindly trust My mother is the Universe around which my life revolves Sometimes like a friend, critic, mentor, teacher, she inv…

Loving You is like Endless Love

Loving You is like Endless Love

Loving you is like touching my soul I forget myself, one and all The day I met you, I had a single goal To mingle with love in beloved role
Loving you is like a vast love Ocean Just as an angel’s gift wrapped in emotion Like a cup of joyfulness stimulating my passion Mesmerised by your words beyond the horizon
Loving you is like Life in a Santa Claus village Lissom and lovely, and amazing voyage Vivid and exhilarating our days in all ages Resembling canvas of heaven on earth image
Loving you is like shimmery and shiny season Rekindling the sparks of love is the sweet reason Love, a wonderful discovery in my life’s mission Like the spring that gave me a smile which was hidden
Loving you is like riding my heart An experience so strange, so magical impact In a perfect blend of happiness like a work of art You being with me as my life’s part
Poem accepted and published by Forward poetry,  UK
You can go onto website to buy the book.…

Kabhi Yeh Socha Nehi Tha

Kabhi Yeh Socha Nehi Tha

Kal aaj kal ki baat nehi hoti thi
Bash sath chalne ki raat hoti thi
Bite din bhi itne ache lagenge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Kabhi tum hame manate the, 
Aab tumhe manane men 
Khud ko bhool jayenge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Hame hasana tumhara kaam tha, 
Muskurate huye har shaam tha
Abhi gham men bhi na ro payenge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Mohabat janat hai, 
Yeh tumne bataya tha, 
Ishke naam sunne ko inkar karoge 
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

Zindegi toh hum khul ke jeene ki soche the, 
Parindo ki tarah udte rahene yeh bhi soche the,
Par dil men khed hoke, akso men doob jayenge
Kabhi Yeh socha nehi tha

2nd poetry book

Dear Friends,
I, with my friend Shailendra Kumar, am coming with our Poem book. It is a collaborative effort to touch hundred different things of our everyday life. We wrote 100-100 poems on same subjects like (Love, life, winter, mother, family, poet etc. ). And we are now in the process of choosing a ‘title’ for our next poem book.
We want a title from our audiences that is you. So please send your title in the comments or at my fb account. The condition is ‘Hundred’ word shall be a part of the title. We will choose a title sent from you and the winner will get a Signed copy of the book as well as his/ her name will be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the book.
Hearing from you soon…
Warm Regards,
N. M. Leepsa ( The Author of ‘Shades of Love and Life’)
Shailendra Kumar( The Author of ‘The Exponent’)

Note: The selection of the ‘Title’ is subject to the choice of the Authors


Dear Ms. Leepsa,

Your poem "Drenched My Soul" was not only selected for Branwyn but also got wide appreciation from its readers. 
Here are a few of the fan mails -

“Drenched My Soul” was a good one. Life really is a colourful rainbow. And I hope to see more from Ms. Leepsa. 
- Anuj Dhiman, New Delhi

Reading N. M. Leepsa was a refreshing treat. Thanks!
-Nanda Kumar

Very soulful poem.
- Mihika Sarkar, Kolkata

Loved the poem by leepsa very much.
-Tejas Thakrar

Sneha Gupta, Branwyn Family


Dear friends, 
I am sharing the poem with you: 

Bath in summer or the monsoon rain
Drenched my soul, my pain
When it pours suddenly
On the crowded streets
Amongst rush and hush of people
Finding way along with the hustle vehicles
I forgot to feel it
Just searching for a shelter
To protect my soul, my inner self
But the taste of rain
Is amazing I could know?
When I silently felt
As whole world is moving
Making me standstill
As if…

To My Parents with Love

To My Parents with Love

****************** When I was a child, you taught many words to speak As you grow old, I hope I will understand your words
When I was a child, you forgive me for my mistakes As you grow old, I pray I will not stumble on your fault
When I was child, you gave every toy I crave for As you grow old, I trust I will not play with your emotions
When I was a child, you remain awake when I was sick As you grow old, I expect from myself to be with you always
When I was a child, you came to me when I wake and search for you
As you grow old, I pray I will not leave you for money, name & fame
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