Dear Ms. Leepsa,

Your poem "Drenched My Soul" was not only selected for Branwyn but also got wide appreciation from its readers. 
Here are a few of the fan mails -

“Drenched My Soul” was a good one. Life really is a colourful rainbow. And I hope to see more from Ms. Leepsa. 
- Anuj Dhiman, New Delhi

Reading N. M. Leepsa was a refreshing treat. Thanks!
-Nanda Kumar

Very soulful poem.
- Mihika Sarkar, Kolkata

Loved the poem by leepsa very much.
-Tejas Thakrar

Sneha Gupta, Branwyn Family


Dear friends, 
I am sharing the poem with you: 

Bath in summer or the monsoon rain
Drenched my soul, my pain
When it pours suddenly
On the crowded streets
Amongst rush and hush of people
Finding way along with the hustle vehicles
I forgot to feel it
Just searching for a shelter
To protect my soul, my inner self
But the taste of rain
Is amazing I could know?
When I silently felt
As whole world is moving
Making me standstill
As if whole world is at rest
And I am moving forward
In search of something
I don’t know what it is
Aah, I just say
It cools my heart
From the summer ray
It wet my heart
From the monsoon memories
Like some drizzle
Falling from my eyes
Like the street lights
It showed me the way
Midst of the colourful lights of city
The yellow green and red
My life, a colourful rainbow again


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