Prowess database..basic steps to use

Prowess is the reliable database in india to get company information. I thought to share the basic steps so that it would help the beginners.
I will show some basic steps that would help beginners to use the prowess for data collection. any more queries , you can post in comment, i will update the article as per your queries.
step 1click on prowess database and run the program to open prowess
 step-2 It would ask for username and password.
 step3 The figure shows the prowess window when it open up
 step 4 The option in left hand corner SELECT COMPANIES IN PRE-DEFINED SETS. help you to classify set as per your requirement. It classifies companies into non financial and financial companies. you can choose the companies as per your need. There is sub classifications of the companies in different industries too like in non and beverage industry companies.

The red arrow shows the list of industries. you can click on the left side rectangle box for the industry you want to select and then run. To run you have three otions which have been marked in ricght hand corner of the figure below in blue(add to current), green ( send to new osc), orange.(replace current osc). 
(a)If you already have a company set and you want to add few more companies in it-use BLUE arrow option(add to current)
(b)If you want a new set of companies, use GREEN arrow option.( send to new osc)
(c)If you want to replace the existing set of companies with new lsit of companies . use ORANGE arrow option (replace current osc). 
then it would give an a output sheet like below in figure . say i have run for food and beverage companies and i found 1660 food and beverage companies. see the blue arrow. the sheet is indicated with a blue circle market which represent this is the "active output sheet/current sheet" on which you can work now. see the red arrow, it shows the OUTPUT SHEET option. This option you can use whenever you wnat to look into the output sheet.

now you can save the file in prowess, so that next time you open your prowess, you wont have to run the program again for same kind of set. you can ust open the saved output sheet as you have worked earlier. to save the file use the option indicated in green arrow. It will ask for a file name as indicated in red arrow. after gving a file name you click on SAVE option as indicated in blue arrow. The yellow arrow shows a yellow box which if clicked will help you in making a new folder to save your files as per your customized needs.

now the file is saved. This file is saved in prowess program userset folder. you can see it by folowing way-
Go START menu
so you can copy those files and can save in other computer in same process in same place and can use in other computers too. you don't have to run program again if you change your computer system or laptop. from this place also you can send your datasets to other persons doing work on same data sets.

or you can simply save in excel by copy and paste the companies list.

always use the cross symbol (CLEAR ALL option) indicated by red arrow to clear any list from the predefined industry that you clicked earlier in the rectangle box, so that running the program, it wont take both the clicked item

next, suppose from those food and beverage companies-i want it to filter for more criteria.for example listed food and beverage companies, then use LISTED AND PERMITTED COMPANIES option as indicated on red arrow below one. then clcik on COMPANIES IN CURRENT OSC as indicated in green arrow. then click on RETAIN MATCHED COMPANIES IN OSC option as indicated in blue arrow. , you will get listed food and beverage companies. 

see i have used CLEAR ALL OPTION (x) before i clicked on LISTED AND PERMITTED COMPANIES option , so there is so click on FOOD AND BEVERAGE industry option. thus it would not again take same companies again, rather reduce to only listed food and beverage companies.

you can also use REMOVE FROM OSC OPTION as given in right hand corner below, so that it would removed listed food companies from your food and beverage companies set.

you can use your usersets, which would look like the figure below as indicated by the red arrow. you can create so many sets as per your needs , name name and use as many times you need. Just click on the rectabgle box near the set which u need and run SEND TO NEED OSC  as discussed earlier. 

The more you explore yourself , the more you would know. So keep exploring .

you can also get clarifications on prowess from
Any queries, you can post comment, i would do my best to help you


  1. i want to take balance sheet and profit loss account of some companies.please tell me the procedure

  2. You can take them from the ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. OR you can select the companies list first by making a output sheet, then select them all, go to report viewer option -then for each company just copy paste the financial data which would be available there. Hope i have clarified .

  3. i want to find financial statements of non IT companies with no debt for 10 years with turnover of abve Rs 100 crores

  4. for any query on prowess database, pls log in to and put forth your queries in seek clarifications.

  5. i have a user set that sum1 mailed me. how do i open that in prowess. it is saved wid .psu extension.


  6. from where can i download setup file


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