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Falling in Love with You Again

  Every time I pray to see you You come across my way Every time I find you before my eyes My heart beats faster and I sway away I pretend that I didn't see you But look back to my heart's content And smile with no bounds Hiding my craziness from you and my friend While I pass by your way A magic fill in air That makes me feel like touching you And holding your hands in care I make different moves Acting like watching someone else You walk away far and far But your single glance like God’s Grace Fall in love with me And make me yours I will show you how much I love you And heavenly happiness my heart bears Why do you come? If you denied you love me I stayed away when you made distance As together we can’t be But don’t know why My heart is feeling the same When I met you for first time The day you came As if I am newly in love As if we never met As if we never talked As if I am for you in