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Memories Unlimited

I got an idea to store my memories. This year, whatever achievements I get be it big or small, I will note it down on my blog. The moments of happiness, the days of experiences and learnings I will pen on my blog. This will give me the list of things that made my 2018 special. I believe every day is special, something different and something unique. I count every day as a day different from yesterday. We meet different people, we feel the different weather, we do different things. So why not to save the favorite moments. It’s like filling a memories jar throughout the year and reading it at the end of the year to recollect & cherish those wonderful memories. 26th January 2018 On the last working day of 2017, I got my driving learner’s permit. I was determined to pass it.  Then I started learning driving by admitting to a driving school. Its Key Skills Driving School whose office is in Chandler, Arizona. The school is not far from my house. Its managed by two veterans who