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Your Love My Love Our Love

Your Silence, My Speech. Your Anger, My Fear. Your Rules, My Wings. Your Family, My Dreams. Your Heart, My Life. Your Thoughts, My Expressions. Your Day, My Nights. Your Desires, My Destiny. Your Hand, My Luck. Your Voice, My Music. Your Judgement, My Life. Your Reflections My Glow. Your Happiness, My Luck. Your Pain, My Tears. Your Angel, My Soul. Your Chains, My Walls. Your Truth, My Puzzle. Your Words My Thread Your Love My Love Our Love. Copyright, N. M. Leepsa "Your Love My Love Our Love" published in Contemporary vibes Magazine of January -March 2014. I was even unaware that my poem is published. Got a letter of appreciation (inland letter) from a reader Dr. P Selvaraj who said, Dear Leepsa, I read your poem "Your Love My Love Our Love" with interest. You placed the contrasts so well . I think for first time, I have come across this type of poetry. Of 19 pairs in poem, i like YOUR ANGEL, MY SOUL the