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Strange Colours of Emotions

Strange Colours of Emotions  You said the distance between you and me Is like the distance between the earth and sky But see the beautiful horizon The line where they meet You said there is hell and heaven difference Between my breathe and your life It is true as without your friendship It is like a hell in heaven It is like life without breathe But the difference is not that big Like the life and death Like the east and west  Something unique within us Is similar between you and me Hidden and protected From the rays of outside world May be a thread of love That knots a strong bond Between our hands and hearts A silent desire A simple heart A childish mind A folded hand A noble prayer You said to go away in the day of colour But see the world outside And the world of mine My world has become colourless Among the colourful world You did not share your secrets of the day But still see even you could not stay without me Even you could not hide yourself From yourself and from me See how