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The Wedding Vows: Award Winning Poem

Poem: The Wedding Vows Copyright: N.M.Leepsa I promise if you cry I will hug you always, And I promise to make you laugh. I promise I will dance with you even if I don’t know to dance, I promise to share your joy, my better half. I promise I will let you do, things you like, like eating vegan food, And I promise we will travel many places. I promise to take selfies as you like photos, I promise there will be smile always on our faces. I promise I will be with when you are sick, Even if I feel sick, with the thought of doctor’s clinic. I promise I will hold your hand when you are in trouble, I promise to improve you I will be your greatest critic. I promise I will try my best to make your dream come true The dream of you to become a popular singer I promise I will never lie to you Not even the break my commitment, to love you forever I promise you will be in my thoughts when you're not around me. I promise we'll be together again even if we fight I prom