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Me and My Boy

 In the season of rain   Some flashes of colours fall on my face In the form of drop of love from you To bring the rainbow again in my life Love in my heart became deeper and deeper With happiness million of times like different layers of  feelings like a spring season have came Love has filled in my heart and in my mind The Love which you see and pretend The love which you too have for me Days were lonely like winter nights I sit alone waiting for you But world wakes me up from the dream With horns of laughter  And throwing  But still i see the beautiful red flowers Smiling in front of me To welcome you to sit beside me Under the same umbrella Under the rain of love Boy: hi, i love music and i think you love book Girl: No , its something else i love Boy: what? Girl: I will let you know later Boy: Ok, but can we be friends Girl: Friends forever Boy: hello, what are you doing? Girl: shopping Boy: You look cute in pink. So select one of those colour dress Girl: As i blush every ti